Monday, September 10, 2012

The 5K Walk of Hope: Ovarian Cancer

My day started off bumpy and kind of rushed .. I'd set my alarm for 7am, which would have given me an hour to get in a quick workout, a shower, and enough time to kick back with my breakfast and coffee and catch up on my favorite blogs.

At least, that's what the plan was. I'd set my alarm, sure ... What I neglected to do what ensure the volume was up!! FAIL!

Thankfully, Daughter Lego woke up around 7:20 so I was able to get up and do the rushing thing. I was able to get in a few bites of breakfast, pack my coffee to go, and run out the door (after getting to briefly say hi to the babysitter, Grandma!)

I met up with some of our team and we headed to Mooney's Bay park, where the Walk of Hope was being held. After losing our balloons that were to be used as our group's go-to meeting place (ha ha, Christine!) we managed to all meet up, get registered, and chat it up before the walk began.

I can't even put into words how much fun I had. Or how beautiful the weather was. Or how positive the atmosphere was. Or how inspiring the crowd was - especially the ovarian cancer survivors, proudly sporting their teal shirts.

I can't put it into words - but I can definitely try to caption it with pictures!

From left to right: Me, Christine, Jan (our amazing fighter!) and Christine. Lovely ladies! I can't even begin to explain how inspiring Jan is. What an incredible lady.
Our team, Jan's Girls!
I was so happy and so proud to be a part of this event! Let's get walking!
The view from behind us as we began the walk. So many amazing people.
Some more walkers!
I could have walked all day with scenery like this. Beautiful!
2K down and still going strong!
Another picture of our gorgeous surroundings. 
Hitting the 2K mark for the second time. 4K down!
As we crossed the finish line, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey was playing ... The best song to capture the moment and the event. 
We did it! 5K! Love you Chris!!
This group was fantastic. They walked around the event giving out Life Savers Candy to keep everyone's energy going and then took home the team award for most money fund raised!
Stopped for a small treat on the way home :)
We all had a blast! We were getting our walk on and for such a great cause. I felt so much love, respect and admiration for the survivors in their teal shirts. Seeing their positive dispositions after what they've been through really shows that anything is possible! The day also made me realize just how blessed I am, to be in great health and to be able to say the same for the rest of Team Lego and all my family.

Lessons I learned:

1. Don't take life for granted. Live every single day with a smile on your face!! Make the most of every opportunity and cherish the moments you get to spend with the people you love.

2. Get full physicals regularly. And if you truly believe that something is wrong and your doctor won't listen - find someone who WILL.

3. Walking 5K with great company = awesome.

4. When it's cooler outside, keep those muscles moving to avoid stiffness and / or cramping! Also, I may want to invest in some leg warmers for the fall / winter walking and running I plan to do!

5. Whether or not it's cool outside - keep hydrated!

I definitely want to be a part of this event next year, and am also wanting to be a part of as many of these walks as possible! Wanna join me for an incredible experience!?


  1. I'll be your walking buddy anytime! Love you!!

  2. The walk sounds wonderful good for you and isn't your 5 km Army Run just around the corner?