Thursday, November 1, 2012

Those Signs ..

I have a terrible cold today. I don't get sick often, but when I do, I get it BAD. So I was sitting here, feeling sorry for myself, and needed to cheer myself up. So I got to thinking ..

Over the past few weeks, I've been noticing things. I've been getting those signs.

Signs of weight loss!!!

And those signs I've been seeing are WAY better than any number on a scale could do for me!

Sign One: I've had to start wearing my reading glasses again because my headaches were back, screaming at me to help out my strained eyes ... And they don't fit well. They don't grip my face quite like they used to and are always slipping off .. Because I've lost weight! The glasses were initially fit to my chubbier face!! Time for an adjustment :):)

Sign Two: I was stuck behind an elderly lady at the store, holding a 4L bag of milk in my hand. This lady was taking for-ev-er because she was trying to convince the cashier to let her buy a Student Price Card (that only students can buy with proof of student ID) .. The cashier couldn't sell it to her and blah blah blah ... I'm standing there, waiting to buy this bag of milk, and wait a minute - Normally I'd be struggling to hold the heavy bag of BRICKS but I wasn't .. I was comfortably standing, holding this heavy bag, struggle-free. That's a testament to my daily planks, yoga, and the weight-lifting at my desk at work - my muscles are getting stronger, therefore I'm not struggling with heavy objects like I did before! (okay, that wasn't really an example of weight loss, but it was kinda related).
Working out at work!
Sign Three: my Sweat Pink swag came in! I was nervous when I ordered the largest size (XL) for my tank top because they said everything was sized small. I'm just starting to fit into a regular XL so I thought for sure the tank wouldn't fit. I was happily wrong!! It was SO exciting to fit into that tank top and I wear it with so much pride!!
Kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes! :)

It fits!!!
Sign Four: I pulled my Fall / Winter coat out of the closet. Last year, in order to fit into it, I'd have to lift it up so that it sat on top of my hips instead of wearing it over them like the jacket was made to. This year? It slides nicely down over my hips AND my bum and I've got room to spare!!! (the only downfall of the coat? Not finding cash in the pockets when I pulled it out of the closet!)

Sign Five: I was able to walk into a Halloween costume store, see the one thing I wanted, tried it on, and did NOT have to ask for a larger size! (which is a good thing because I tried on their largest and if it didn't fit, I would have been out of luck!)
Mama Thor!
Who needs a scale to see how your weight loss progress is going when you can have signs like those? I'm so incredibly happy :)

This serves as a reminder to me. I broke up with my scale quite some time ago and now that I'm back to my weekly WW meetings, I've found myself pulling out my scale more frequently .. And that's a habit I'd like to break again. My goal isn't just a number - it's a lifestyle balanced with healthy choices and habits. It's about feeling good! And that cannot be measured on my scale!

And so .. Scale who?!

Have you been getting any signs? I'd love to hear about them!!


  1. You look great in that tank and as Thor hunny!

    1. Gotta say, it was kind of weird being Thor since I have such a huge crush on him ;)

  2. wowzers, laura! you look amazing in that tank top!!

  3. You look sooo tiny in your tank top!!! Congrats to all of your success :)