Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally Set A Goal!!

Yup. I went and got all grown up and after about two years of yo-yo'ing and meandering along ... I finally set a goal in my weight loss journey. 

I want to hit the 100lbs-lost mark by my 30th birthday. So by May 22, 2015, I need to weigh 169lbs (which, coincidentally, is my goal weight!). I weighed 269 when I first weighed in at Weight Watchers a few weeks ago. I'm now 266lbs so I'm on my way!

I'm really excited by this goal and I feel motivated to get there .. Hopefully having this goal to work on will help me survive the long winter months next year! 

So .. May my "dirty thirty" be healthy, happy, active and slim! :) Here's to the next year - the LAST year I ever intend to fight my weight, for the rest of my life!! 

And so I begin my #cleanthirty goal! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello, 2014!

Aloha everyone!

Nope, doesn't mean I've been away vacationing in Hawaii all this time, though how cool would that have been?! Wow, I haven't posted since November 2013. So hi there, 2014! 

I have been on hiatus .. And by running this blog as long as I have, I can definitely see a pattern. Winter + my healthy lifestyle goals = FAAAAIL. Maybe I should consider this Hawaii thing?

Anyhow. This winter, I definitely learned a whole crap load about myself. I feel I've had a lot of growth this time around, mentally yeah (definitely physically, wow, hello, chubby tummy), but growth within understanding myself and how my mind operates. I'll go over all that in a later blog post. Maybe it'll bore you to read, but methinks it'll do me a bunch of good to get off my mind and put it out into the world. Mental unloading a la blog!

So. Last I checked, back in November .. I think I was around 250lbs. I'm now 269.2. I forced myself back onto the Weight Watchers train to try desperately to get my bouncy booty back on track (I kept getting emails from them with a too-good-to-be-true promotion that I definitely took as a much-needed sign!). Weight Watchers has never failed me in the past - I know it will work if I work it. I joined Easter week (dumb, dumb, dumb) and blew my points out of the water within a few days .. But I tracked every single bite to be accountable. Success? :)

I love how friendly the app is - it greets me every time! :)

Not going to lie .. My first few weeks back on program haven't been easy. Some days are better than others (significantly so!). I've struggled to behave within my diet. I want to eat bad things all the time. But I'm doing it. 

I. Am. Doing. It. 

My goal at this point isn't to be perfect on my plan or to run a marathon next week. My goal is to keep gently easing myself back onto my happy, healthy living path. I want to celebrate when I make better food and beverage choices. I want to go for walks and get back into the running zone (eventually). I want to encourage my kids to make healthier, active choices.

I want to be in a better place health-wise than I was this winter. 

I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I didn't put on this weight in one night and I'm certainly not going to lose it in one night. I'm a work in progress .. A smiling one! :) 

So .. I hope you'll welcome my stories and posts back into your days! 

PS. Thank you to Joy .. You've inspired and motivated me more than you'll ever know! Xoxo