Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sweat Pink Summer Fit Gear Exchange!

As you all know, I'm an ambassador for Sweat Pink (Fit Approach!), a community of amazing women who live and lead healthy lives and encourage others to do the same. This month, I had the pleasure of participating in the very first (Canadian!) Sweat Pink Summer Fit Gear Exchange. A bunch of fellow Canadian ambassadors got together to be paired up with one another and to send each other care packages of Fit Gear! For details about how this worked, check out 

I sent a package to Krista, a runner and yoga lover! I had so much fun shopping for her! She has a wonderful blog, check it out!

I received a package from Anna at Piper's Run ( and it was amazing. She put so much thought into it! 

I received a bunch of salt water taffy (she saw how much I love that stuff!), a yoga hand towel, hair elastics, a gift card from Starbucks (Americanos, here I come!), 3 Vega snack bars and 2 packs of Vega hydrate mix. My most favorite part of the package she sent me is this notebook:

She filled it with lots of motivational quotes and quips, like this one ..

And recipes!

I love what I got and I love the friendships I've made from this exchange! We plan to do another one later on .. If you'd be interested in participating, let me know! :)

A HUGE special thanks to Brittany at for organizing our first exchange. It's an honor to call you my Sweat Pink Sister! And thank you to Krista and Anna for making this exchange so memorable! :)

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  1. HELLLLO Vega treats! ooooh and those salt water treats! how awesome. IF you havent tried the vega hydration you will love it!!! You're notebook is very very creative. That is a great idea - and a wonderful gift to recieve!!