Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 Army Run 5K Race Recap

Daddy Lego and I with the Army Run Mascot!

So, the day has come and gone.

And what a day it was!

The Army Run is such a special one for Daddy Lego and I. It was where we ran for the first time together last year (after he filled in for my friend, who was unable to run!) and it is to support those in the Canadian Army who fight for our freedom. 

We were almost unable to race this year because it sold out way faster than we had anticipated .. But a good friend (thank you, Annie!!) was able to connect us with a husband and wife team who were selling their bibs, and in we were!

Daddy Lego and I knew going into this race that we wouldn't be running it side by side. He had been training HARD and really wanted to go for a 30-minute finishing time. I'm not quite there yet .. I've still got a lot of training and running to get under my belt before I'll be strong enough and fast enough for that! I didn't want to hold him down so I encouraged him to run his heart out and meet me at the finish line :)

Gotta say, even though I was surrounded by 22, 000 other runners, it was lonely. I'm not used to running alone, though I was excited for the challenge - me vs me. I had my running playlist ready to go and Map My Run going along with me to help keep me paced. 

A few songs got cut out, but this is the majority of my running list :)

The cannon went off and I didn't cry this time!! I waited patiently for the first few corrals to run through the start line and stood on my tippy toes to watch the runners. I was SO excited for the hubs and was cheering him on!

Then my corral made it to the front and away we went. My plan throughout the race was to keep paced with my music, but I had a verrrrry hard time doing so because of race-day adrenaline - I was going too fast. But I pushed hard and walked when I needed to (but I compromised with myself - if I was to walk, I would have to walk in time with my music, so I was still walking quickly! No breaks till the end!)

I kept getting stuck behind three sets of strollers that insisted on staying side to side .. Once I made my way past them, I feel like I breezed through the run. When I heard through the Map My Run app that my split pace was about 13 min / mile, I was super happy but also nervous - could I keep it up for the whole race?!

Turns out, I could .. And I did! 

Thanks to Map My Run for these results :)

Hmm .. 5K = 3.1 miles .. Yet this race was 3.44 .. Interesting ..

I really started to struggle towards the end, but once the finish line was in sight, I got my 19th wind and ran for the end! I cried as I passed the finish line, it's always such an emotional moment for me .. What an accomplishment, for ME to run a 5K!!

It's rare that I see a photo of myself that I don't instantly dislike .. thinking of ordering this one for my bib binder!

Because of my chest cold, I went into the race hoping for a PR but not expecting one .. And I got it anyhow! My official chip time was 45:24, which is 26 seconds faster than last year's Army Run! Woo hoo!! 

I'm really anxious to be able to run harder and faster .. Training has really been helpful. The more I train and the harder I push (and the more weight I lose!), the better I'll be. I'm looking forward to someday achieving a sub-40-minute PR :)

Finding my hubby at the finish line was a great treat - and hearing about his 31.17 time was AMAZING!! I'm SO beyond proud of him, and so inspired by him! 

It was also really awesome meeting up with my friend and fellow blogger, Joy, who also had a great run!! 

Special shout out to my friend Julie, who ran her first half marathon in 2:10:10! Wow! So inspiring :)

All in all, it was a great run .. Can't wait to do it again next year (and I'll be sure to sign up in advance to make sure I don't have to struggle last-minute to get in!)

To those incredible Army troops .. Thank you for all that you do for us! :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Keeping My Glass Half Full!

Not gonna lie, I was feeling pretty discouraged after my run today.

I just finished day one, week five of C25K. The intervals were five minutes of running, three minutes of walking, repeated three times.

They just about killed me.

Towards the end of the final five minute run, I started feeling dizzy and seeing black stars in my eyes (thankfully it was in the final 30 seconds, so slowing down to a sloooooooow run didn't impact my training too much). I did have to slow down because I had the Lego Kids in the jogger, and it wouldn't have done any of us good if I'd have passed out on the pathway!

I used Map My Run throughout this run to check my pace and my distance .. And I almost cried when this is what I saw:

Some people can run entire 5K's in 17.39!!
Understandably, I am a slow runner and in the "beginner" stage so I know not to be too hard on myself for that part .. But I am a fast walker and feel as though I should have done better. At this pace, it would take me almost 53 minutes to finish the Army Run 5K that is NEXT SUNDAY. And that really bums me out. 

I've been training hard, running every two days and pushing myself hard throughout every single step of every single run. I was kind of hoping that I would PR next week. And now I'm not sure that'll happen. I'd need to finish in less than 45.50. I've got to be realistic: it's just not going to happen at this pace.

Thankfully today's result helps motivate to work even harder. It's a downer to still feel (and to be) so out of shape .. But every run that I do helps to bring me a tiny bit more into better shape. 

Mark my words: I NEVER want to ever be this out of shape again for the rest of my life.

I'm thankful that I began this running journey, for everything that it has brought to my life, and for inspiring me (and helping me understand why it is so important) to keep living healthy.

So .. Maybe I won't set a PR next week. But I'm still in better shape today than I was last week .. And that's kind of a PR too, and really, that's the only PR that matters in the grand scheme of things! :)

I'm just excited to be in better shape next week compared to this week .. And I'll be rewarded with a shiny medal for it too, at the finish line! :)
Sister Lego was mad at me for not letting her run during my cool down walk, like I normally do .. I was feeling too faint to risk letting her run free! :(

Are you guys in training for an upcoming event? How's it coming along?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

90-Day Challenge


I hope everyone is settling in smoothly with the end of summer / back to school routine .. Brother Lego starts junior kindergarten this upcoming Friday .. I'm a wee bit nervous and anxious, and totally excited for him. 

But seriously. Wasn't he just this small last week!?
In Mama Lego news .. I started a 90-Day Challenge through one of my favorite pages on Facebook, called Debbi's Weight Watchin' Journey to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle. She challenged herself to 90-day exercise / fitness program and invited a bunch of ladies to join her (in a separate, private FB group). Our only requirement was to pick our own personal challenges and to kick them in the butt! We update the page every day with our activities and cheer each other on. It's been great fun and extra motivating!
This is Debbi's before and after. Incredible, right?!

My personal challenge is to alternate one day of running, one day of yoga, every day of the week. Today is day 3 and I've been kicking the crap out of my goals. I'm going to (finally!!) completely finish the Couch to 5K program (I last left off around week 6 when I injured my hip, so I started from week one, day one, a few weeks back. I'm almost done week 3 now!) and to make it through an entire yoga DVD (my record so far is 20 awesome minutes!! I have a lot of work to do on my core strength!). I'm also tracking my meals, snacks and exercise through My Fitness Pal to ensure I stay on track. Some people have been surprised that I didn't set a weight loss goal for myself for this challenge. While I'm watching my weight and am anxious to see the numbers drop, I'm more focusing on toning my body, getting in shape, and finding confidence in my body. It's not all about the numbers for me.

Daddy Lego and I are in full training mode for the 5K Army Run, and the 90-day challenge has been a big help! The race is coming up fast, in 20 days! I'm SO excited. I have yet to decide if I'll be going for a PR .. Methinks I just might .. Daddy Lego is going for a PR and will be starting a few corrals ahead of me. I'm excited to cross the finish line, right into his arms!

So .. I hate sharing this stuff but I want to be totally honest with my weight loss / healthy living journey. I want to share my results with you guys along the way of my 90-Day Challenge. 

"Before" pictures can be embarrassing and they're definitely tough for me to share. But, here it goes ..

Since having my kids, I have a rule to never put myself down for my physical appearance (well, I try!) .. It's hard for me not to get all judgey on these pictures.

And that "before" is after losing ten pounds. Yup. I got back up to 275lbs throughout a really difficult period of my life. No regrets, only lessons learned ...Now I'm running those pounds away!!

I don't want to see 275 on a scale ever again!!

Here I was ten pounds ago. I feel like I can already see a difference. I wish I'd thought to take side and back pictures too. Ah well.

Phew. That was hard to share. 

Here are my measurements (all the areas I'm wanting to see results in!):

Arm: 15.25 inches (wings!!)
Upper Thigh: 32.2 inches 
Upper Calf: 21 inches 
Lower Calf: 13.5 inches
Waist: 48 inches 
Booty: 54.5 inches
Chest: 46 inches

I'm SO excited to see my progress along the next three months. I can already feel the changes in my body since starting the challenge three days ago. I'm anxious to get my toned body of last summer back :)

Does the return of the school year mean new routines for you too? Any new fitness goals? Let's hear 'em! :)