Tuesday, September 3, 2013

90-Day Challenge


I hope everyone is settling in smoothly with the end of summer / back to school routine .. Brother Lego starts junior kindergarten this upcoming Friday .. I'm a wee bit nervous and anxious, and totally excited for him. 

But seriously. Wasn't he just this small last week!?
In Mama Lego news .. I started a 90-Day Challenge through one of my favorite pages on Facebook, called Debbi's Weight Watchin' Journey to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle. She challenged herself to 90-day exercise / fitness program and invited a bunch of ladies to join her (in a separate, private FB group). Our only requirement was to pick our own personal challenges and to kick them in the butt! We update the page every day with our activities and cheer each other on. It's been great fun and extra motivating!
This is Debbi's before and after. Incredible, right?!

My personal challenge is to alternate one day of running, one day of yoga, every day of the week. Today is day 3 and I've been kicking the crap out of my goals. I'm going to (finally!!) completely finish the Couch to 5K program (I last left off around week 6 when I injured my hip, so I started from week one, day one, a few weeks back. I'm almost done week 3 now!) and to make it through an entire yoga DVD (my record so far is 20 awesome minutes!! I have a lot of work to do on my core strength!). I'm also tracking my meals, snacks and exercise through My Fitness Pal to ensure I stay on track. Some people have been surprised that I didn't set a weight loss goal for myself for this challenge. While I'm watching my weight and am anxious to see the numbers drop, I'm more focusing on toning my body, getting in shape, and finding confidence in my body. It's not all about the numbers for me.

Daddy Lego and I are in full training mode for the 5K Army Run, and the 90-day challenge has been a big help! The race is coming up fast, in 20 days! I'm SO excited. I have yet to decide if I'll be going for a PR .. Methinks I just might .. Daddy Lego is going for a PR and will be starting a few corrals ahead of me. I'm excited to cross the finish line, right into his arms!

So .. I hate sharing this stuff but I want to be totally honest with my weight loss / healthy living journey. I want to share my results with you guys along the way of my 90-Day Challenge. 

"Before" pictures can be embarrassing and they're definitely tough for me to share. But, here it goes ..

Since having my kids, I have a rule to never put myself down for my physical appearance (well, I try!) .. It's hard for me not to get all judgey on these pictures.

And that "before" is after losing ten pounds. Yup. I got back up to 275lbs throughout a really difficult period of my life. No regrets, only lessons learned ...Now I'm running those pounds away!!

I don't want to see 275 on a scale ever again!!

Here I was ten pounds ago. I feel like I can already see a difference. I wish I'd thought to take side and back pictures too. Ah well.

Phew. That was hard to share. 

Here are my measurements (all the areas I'm wanting to see results in!):

Arm: 15.25 inches (wings!!)
Upper Thigh: 32.2 inches 
Upper Calf: 21 inches 
Lower Calf: 13.5 inches
Waist: 48 inches 
Booty: 54.5 inches
Chest: 46 inches

I'm SO excited to see my progress along the next three months. I can already feel the changes in my body since starting the challenge three days ago. I'm anxious to get my toned body of last summer back :)

Does the return of the school year mean new routines for you too? Any new fitness goals? Let's hear 'em! :)

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