Sunday, September 15, 2013

Keeping My Glass Half Full!

Not gonna lie, I was feeling pretty discouraged after my run today.

I just finished day one, week five of C25K. The intervals were five minutes of running, three minutes of walking, repeated three times.

They just about killed me.

Towards the end of the final five minute run, I started feeling dizzy and seeing black stars in my eyes (thankfully it was in the final 30 seconds, so slowing down to a sloooooooow run didn't impact my training too much). I did have to slow down because I had the Lego Kids in the jogger, and it wouldn't have done any of us good if I'd have passed out on the pathway!

I used Map My Run throughout this run to check my pace and my distance .. And I almost cried when this is what I saw:

Some people can run entire 5K's in 17.39!!
Understandably, I am a slow runner and in the "beginner" stage so I know not to be too hard on myself for that part .. But I am a fast walker and feel as though I should have done better. At this pace, it would take me almost 53 minutes to finish the Army Run 5K that is NEXT SUNDAY. And that really bums me out. 

I've been training hard, running every two days and pushing myself hard throughout every single step of every single run. I was kind of hoping that I would PR next week. And now I'm not sure that'll happen. I'd need to finish in less than 45.50. I've got to be realistic: it's just not going to happen at this pace.

Thankfully today's result helps motivate to work even harder. It's a downer to still feel (and to be) so out of shape .. But every run that I do helps to bring me a tiny bit more into better shape. 

Mark my words: I NEVER want to ever be this out of shape again for the rest of my life.

I'm thankful that I began this running journey, for everything that it has brought to my life, and for inspiring me (and helping me understand why it is so important) to keep living healthy.

So .. Maybe I won't set a PR next week. But I'm still in better shape today than I was last week .. And that's kind of a PR too, and really, that's the only PR that matters in the grand scheme of things! :)

I'm just excited to be in better shape next week compared to this week .. And I'll be rewarded with a shiny medal for it too, at the finish line! :)
Sister Lego was mad at me for not letting her run during my cool down walk, like I normally do .. I was feeling too faint to risk letting her run free! :(

Are you guys in training for an upcoming event? How's it coming along?

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  1. I'm glad you are trying to be optimistic about your running :). I am hard on myself as we'll when I see people finishing under 30 minutes. You know with practice you will get faster and faster. It took me a year to get under 45 minutes. I ran my first km four years ago at 55 minutes but now I can run it under 42. It sure does take time lol. You are doing great Laura!! I love your positive attitude!