Saturday, July 5, 2014

July Update!

Hey friends! 

It's been a while so I thought I'd update you with how things are going.

I'd started back on Weight Watchers and really struggled through the first few weeks .. I'd have two good days, one bad day, and that cycle made for some slow but steady weight loss. My head just wasn't 100% in the game. 

My meetings were ahhh .. How to say this gently .. A little less motivating than I was needing. I would dread going to the meetings. I tried different times and different leaders, and they were nice and all, but just lacking in the inspiration department. In short, I got nothing out of the meetings except for my weigh-in. I was following the program fine on my own .. But why pay for something that just wasn't giving me what I needed?

So I cancelled my membership, bought myself a new (functioning!!) scale, and reactivated My Fitness Pal account. 

And I'm doing amazing. 

My old My Fitness Pal account started me off at the exact weight I'd started at when I joined Weight Watchers, so my progress is still recorded and ongoing. I'm down 23.2 lbs now and feeling great. I've lost my winter weight gain and then some! I'm on a good path! 

And I can finally fit into the compression yoga outfit I got months ago!! 
(I can't believe I'm sharing this photo lol)

I'm starting a new workout program on Monday .. It's an at-home DVD program called Piyo, which is a combination of Pilates and yoga. Six workouts a week. I'm really nervous for this challenge (it's going to be hard!) but I'm SO excited to start. I remember how yoga really helped tone my body when I was doing it regularly last summer / fall so I know that if I work this program, then it'll work it's magic on me. 

How is your summer going?! I've been loving mine so far. Having the boy off of school has freed up so much time for us to hang out together as a family. More family walks, more water fights, and more fun! :) 

We'll chat soon .. Wish me luck with Piyo!