Friday, October 12, 2012

A Blissful Run!

This post was written on Monday night :)

Daddy Lego and I had a run scheduled for tonight after dinner. We aren't usually home together in the PM because of our work schedules, so going for a night run with the kids while it was cool and dark out was something we both really looked forward to. The two things I weren't looking forward to were the facts that 1. This was the first run post the Friday Night Running Incident and 2. This run was the last day of week 5 of my training program - which meant a 5 minute warmup walk, a 20 minute run, and a 5 minute cool down. TWENTY minutes of non-stop running. I'd only ever done that once before, at the Army Run a few weeks ago. And when that happened, I was pushing myself hard and going with the momentum of the crowd. Could I really do that again?

My nerves were getting to me and I started to doubt myself, so I sat back on twitter and started reading (you guys really know how to get my motivation going!!). Hearing all about your successful runs and workouts this weekend inspired me and reminded me that I could do this run. And reading over my previous blogs really gave me courage when I saw how far I've come!

So I dressed for the occasion (it was cold out) in my Army Run shirt with my Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope t-shirt over top, and I wore my 5K Dog Tag Medal from the Army Run (to grip on to if the going got tough!). I remembered my inhaler and my trusty bottle of water. Bundled up the kids in the double (we still really need a double jogger) and off we went.
Wore this for motivation :)
What. An. Amazing. Freakin. RUN!!!

I stretched my legs during the 5 minute warmup walk and then started running. I started telling Daddy Lego about this beautiful blog post I'd read earlier in the day (thank you for sharing your story, Lena!), and how I needed to make an appointment with my Dr to check in (he has no idea about my 50lbs+ weight loss or the fact that I'm running now). We started chatting about how much my fitness level had changed over the summer. And this really hit home:

Daddy Lego looked at me and said: "Look at how amazing you are. Five months ago you wouldn't have even run for a bus. And now you're seven minutes into a twenty-minute run, you're talking through it, and all while pushing a stroller that weighs about sixty pounds. I'm so proud of you."

Talk about a reality check. Hello, me from five months ago who couldn't walk and talk at the same time!! You're running AND talking at the same time!!! And you're loving your running!!!

I really have come such a long, happy way. I can't even begin to tell you how much running has brought to my life.

So anyhow, we're about thirteen minutes into the run and we turn around in our path (so that we're closer to home to get our tired kids to bed sooner) and I was able to push that stroller while running up a hill and holy crap I didn't feel the desperate need to stop, I was able to keep going and in fact, speed up!

The second half of our run was much faster than the first and though I wasn't able to chat quite as much, I was feeling fantastic. The sweat felt great, the warmth was great, the burn was amazing. I wasn't feeling the need to check the time every ten seconds to see how much longer we had to go. I just enjoyed myself. What a cool feeling!
Rosey cheeks after a cool and energizing run!
The timer went off to announce our last minute and I clapped my hands together in delight because I had made it to this point! I started to get a small stitch and had to slow my pace a little, but when our little app lady announced that we were done, I'll admit, I was disappointed and wanted to keep going! But, my common sense kicked in (I didn't want any more "Friday night" experiences!) that reminded me that I needed to pace myself, so I slowed to a walk and enjoyed the cool Fall weather on our walk home.
Post-run silliness!
What a great run :)
Ever have that blissful running experience?


  1. YOU ROCK, YOU ROCK , YOU ROCK!!!! YOU are amazing girl and yes you are doing great!!! Wooting!!
    Keep doing wonderfully sweet girl! Cheers to achieving many more wonderful goals!


    1. Ahhhh K, so much love!!! :) thanks for your constant support! Xoxo

  2. Wow, Laura! You are amazing, and you really have come so far! So proud of your run, and of you!

    I would love to run with you sometime soon!

    1. Awww Christina ... You're the best :)
      I would love love love to run together!!! Although mine is more of a slow jog, would that be okay?