Friday, September 7, 2012

The 411 About Broccoli

You have all probably noticed that a very common side dish you'll find on my plate is broccoli. It's in the majority of my food pictures. Not only does it look great (such a vibrant shade of green!) but it also tastes amazing, is quite filling and goes well with just about anything!
By far, broccoli is my favorite veggie!
Broccoli is loaded with so many nutritional goodies. Here are some reasons why you should try to include broccoli in your healthy lifestyle:

1. Broccoli contains potassium and magnesium, both helpful in controlling blood pressure. The potassium also helps maintain a healthy nervous system and brain functions, as well as helps muscle growth!
Broc served with my turkey buger patty "steak"!
2. Just one cup of broccoli has your recommended daily amount of vitamin c ... Which we all know helps to fight off colds and fights off free radicals in our systems!

3. Your bones will benefit from the calcium and vitamin k found in broccoli. They'll stay strong and healthy and will have a lessened chance of developing osteoporosis.

4. Trying to lose weight? Look no further than broccoli! It has a high fiber content so it can help prevent constipation (and helps keep your system cleaned out!), helps digestion, lower blood sugar, and curbs overeating. Bonus: a cup of broc has almost half the amount of protein as a cup of rice or corn and half the calories!
Broc served on the side of my pineapple-curry chicken with brown rice!
5. Broccoli has the carotenoid lutein which helps prevent degeneration of the eyes, helps prevent heart disease and stroke.

Who knew something so pretty could be so good for you?!

Enjoy your Hulk Trees! (as Boy Lego calls his broccoli, ha ha!)

Broccoli with a small scoop of ricotta mashed potatoes and BBQ pork chops :)

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