Friday, September 14, 2012

My CrAzY Week

Hey guys!!

Sorry I haven't been writing as much as normal .. What a hectic week this has been! Here's a bit of a recap:

As you've been seeing me talk / tweet about for some time now, I've been accepted to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I'm SO excited about being a part of this incredible online community of strong leaders who live their lives as healthy and active as possible. I get to represent Sweat Pink in all my daily fitness rituals, as well as when I'm out and about, running races and (soon to be) organizing events to help promote active living.

I really can't say enough about how friendly, supportive, and motivating these ladies are, and I'm so proud to have been chosen to Sweat Pink with them!

For more information on the Fit Approach ladies at #sweatpink, visit their website here or click on the "I'm a Sweat Pink Ambassador" button on the sidebar! (I haven't had time yet to add my photo and bio to their ambassador page, but it'll be there soon!)

In other news ... I'm sad to say my running partner for the Army Race next weekend has had to back out due to work scheduling conflicts (I'll miss you Cindy!) ... But I'm super excited to announce that Daddy Lego will be taking her place! How cool will it be to cross the finish line of my first 5K race with my awesome hubby?! So stoked!!

I've also signed up for Run With Jess' Cupcake Classic 2012 5K  virtual race, held the weekend of October 14th! It's a super relaxed but fun "race" where you choose your own route, time yourself out, do your best and submit your results online - and as soon as you cross your own finish line, you reward yourself with a cupcake! How sweet is that?! I'm really looking forward to this run because knowing the Army Run will be jam-packed, it will give me the opportunity to run the 5K on my own without worrying about colliding with other runners. Also, since my goal for the Army Run is to finish and still be able to stand (not to have the best time!) I'll be able to work on setting my PR's! Anyone care to join me Sunday, October 14th at 10am to run and eat cupcakes?!

This week has been just CrAzY and I find myself walking everywhere I need to go (helping to tone the legs and bum = happy mama!) and this beautiful weather has been such a joy to be running around in! Grateful for sunny days and new opportunities. I've been really having to learn to manage my time better as I've found myself suffering with a lot of stress and anxiety (had my second ever migraine this week, brought on by anxiety- huuuuuge ouch) ... So my goal for the coming weeks is to focus on doing what I want to do vs. doing what I HAVE to do, checking things off a priority list, and ensuring that I have time to recoup in between. Me time = happy mommy = happy babies!

Meanwhile ... Mandatory overtime at work = grumpy mama. Just sayin'.

I've been working hard on my core challenge for September and am finding lots of success. My planks are getting longer and stronger and I find my tummy is really starting to tone itself with all the sit-ups I've been working on! I'm still struggling with my arm strength for my push-ups but I'm determined to get better with every day that goes by!
My longest plank yet! It's only 18 seconds but that is HUGE!! :)
I try to squeeze in runs as much as possible - even if it's a run home from the bus stop at 1am or a sprint on my way to work - every step counts! I'm looking forward to next week, where I'll have more time to put into my runs! Until then, I'll just keep sprinting :) It's all about making every moment count!

I'll be sending out my Foodie Pen Pal box this weekend! I've had fun picking out things to send. What a fun program to participate in!

Phew! So that was Mama Lego's week ... How is your week going?! Anything new and exciting happening? I'd love to hear and share your excitement with ya! Until then, here are some picture highlights from my week:
Everything in moderation, right?!
WHY do I do this to myself!? Hopelessly addicted and not loving it. But loving it.
Boy Lego on one of our walks this week.
SO obsessed with brussels sprouts!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! :)

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  1. Laura!!! That is so exciting!! Congrats to being an ambassador I am so happy for you.

    Sorry to hear about your running buddy but Derick is a great fill in :)

    You going to love the race. The energy at a race is absolutely amazing and addictive. I love the idea of a cupcake race. I signed up for 5K race at the end of October.