Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pumpkins - not just for Halloween anymore!

I've been buying a lot of pure, canned pumpkin lately (too bad I can't buy it fresh this time of year!). The only thing is, there's tons of it in the HUGE can and I only need one cup for the cupcakes I've been making, and I don't like to waste, so I've been coming up with different ways to use it.
Pumpkin in lasagna! yummmm
Yeah .. We all heart pumpkin pie.
Turns out that it goes great with almost everything and it is SO good for you!

Many people don't know that pumpkins are part of the squash family. They're an amazing vegetable (fruit! They have seeds!) that are loaded with many healthy properties, such as ...

Beta Carotene: studies have shown that people who eat foods rich in beta carotene are less likely to develop certain cancers.

Potassium: this amazing property has the ability to help those suffering with hypertension.

Zinc: zinc is a major boost for your immune system, and it also helps your bone density to help those with osteoporosis.

Fiber: pumpkins are loaded with fiber, and we all understand the benefits of fiber! Happy digestive tracts!

Pumpkin has also been known to help reduce the risk of prostate cancer, has anti-inflammatory properties (goodbye, arthritis pain!), has alpha-hydroxy acids that help reduce the signs of aging in the skin, and is full of vitamins A and C.

So next time you carve your pumpkin for Halloween, don't just eat the seeds - the rest of it (not the skin!) is just as amazing too.


  1. Great ideas! And also remember - the meat of the jack-o-lantern pumpkins is stringy and not as good as the little pie pumpkins :) Learned that the hard way ;)

  2. Oooo that's a great tip! I would have had no idea come autumn! So far I've only worked with the canned stuff so I'll definitely be sure to remember that! Thanks for sharing! :)