Tuesday, July 31, 2012


When I started WW in February, I wasn't aware that I was about to embark on a whole new lifestyle. All I wanted was to lose a few pounds to get healthier and further away from the risk of diabetes. I wanted more energy and to be a slim, happy-go-lucky, loaded-with-energy mommy.

Little did I know, I was going to fall in love with a healthy, natural lifestyle and active living. I didn't know I was going to develop a passion for nutrition and yoga. All I knew back in February was that I would be returning to work from my maternity leave come July, and I wanted to drop fifty pounds before going back.

Well, I started back to work last week. And this week ..
My new "50 lbs lost" charm!

I hit my first long-term goal!
Fifty pounds down. I'm SO happy!! Though funny enough, that's not what I'm most happy about.

I'm most happy about how I feel. I have lots of energy now. I can breathe so much easier. I look forward to my workouts (long walks, yoga, jogging). I get SO excited to eat fresh, healthy and nutritional foods and it's like Christmas in my house when we try new recipes. I can take my kids to the park and have it not feel like a chore because it's no effort on me physically anymore (I can fit down the slide now, too!!). I can play soccer with them and not run out of breath. I'm also proud to be showing my kids the fun that can be a healthy, active lifestyle. My son is showing a love for running and playing sports and my daughter, though still very young, loves walking, dancing, and playing catch. And I'm STILL eating foods that I love!

How cool is this lifestyle?!

I'm extremely out-of-this-world thrilled that I've lost fifty pounds!!! And I'm also happy about all that I have gained along the way.

And the best has yet to come! :)
My wonderful keychain collection :)

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  1. Laura that is amazing!!! I am so happy for you :) incredible!