Monday, March 30, 2015


Mannnnnnny people have asked me if I'm close to my goal weight and what happens after I hit it.

First: yeah, I'm close to my goal weight. But I'm really not focused on that anymore. Once I hit my 100lb weight loss goal, it hit me HARD that the chase isn't about a number on the scale. I'm working this for life. 

Every day, I will make healthy, properly portioned meal choices. I will eat as little sugar as possible. I will eat as clean as possible. I'll exercise every single day (active rest days!). 

This is for the rest of my life, not just until I see that "magical" goal number on the scale! I want to make those healthy choices every day because it makes me feel my best physically and mentally. I feel incredible when I'm taking proper care of myself! And THAT is what the chase is! Not a number - the feeling! 

(And I'm kind of addicted to setting PR's. And I can't set a lifting PR or a running one by stuffing my face with pizza and not training).

So that's my answer to those questions. Yup, I'm close to that number. But it's jut that - a number. And once I see it, I just keep going! I'm eating healthy foods that I love and that fuel my body, and exercising in ways that I enjoy!

And I'm waking up and going to bed with a smile! :)

That being said .. 

Can I tell you a secret? One of my biggest dreams (since I was a little girl!!) is to be a dancer (hugest dream: a back up dancer for Katy Perry .. But I digress). I grew up watching Full House and always admired Stephanie Tanner. I wanted to BE her - she looked so friggin cool dancing!!

My parents weren't able to put me in dancing classes and I was overweight as a child and very out of shape and had zero confidence so that dream kind of got buried deep down in my heart.

Well I'm all about doing what makes me smile. And dancing makes me smile. So it's time to work on that dream!

I found a place near my home that offers beginners hip hop classes for adults over 30!!! I'm going to be registered to start in September with a great friend of mine and I cannot wait!! The classes run for 14 weeks and then .. I'll get my Stephanie Tanner moment: I'll get to perform in a show!! 

I'm so excited. Making that lifelong dream come true is going to feel a million times better than any number on a scale would!! :) 

Have a great day everyone .. And remember that it's never too late to follow your dreams! 

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