Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Red Seven-Pounders

 I usually use 3 lbs weights to do my P90 strength routine (paired with resistance bands) and lately, I'd been feeling like yeah, they were working, but not enough. I knew my muscles were ready for more.

Armed with my Canadian Tire gift card, I went shopping! Derek and I had a lot of fun browsing through the sports and workout section .. I saw SO much that I wanted to bring home with me! And, side note, why the heck are bosu balls so expensive?! 

Derek and I loved the look and feel of the irons but yeah, the price tag wasn't quite so friendly, so we settled for the colorful ones. I grabbed some red 7-pounders and did a few of the P90 moves .. Yup. My first few workouts with them were going to suck. And that's exactly what I wanted! 

So this morning it was time to break them in. And wow, was it ever awesome. You know that addictive feeling you get when you FEEL your muscles straining and bulging under those weights?! Wow!! I'm so happy I increased my weights and can't wait to see my arms at the end of P90. And I can't wait to increase again :)

Some people might say, well seven pounds isn't much. My answer: we all start somewhere, and I'm rocking these!! To me, seven pounds is heavy and hard and right where I need to be. I'm so happy I've started working with weights, I love it! 

Do you incorporate weight training into your workout routine?

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