Wednesday, January 7, 2015

That Zumba thing

This past Sunday, I promised my sister that I'd join her for her Zumba class on Monday. She loves Zumba and takes three classes a week, plus a boot camp class. She raves about how much she loves Zumba and has invited me countless times throughout the year. 

Between my husband and I, we don't have a lot of free time in the week to head out and join a fitness class or go for runs (this is why I love my schedule-friendly Beachbody programs!) .. We alternate our work schedules so someone is always home with the kids and we value spending time together as well. We get two nights a week together. I always felt guilty at the idea of going out to do something for myself. 

Hubby encouraged me to go - he knows how much I want (and need!) to get myself out there, taking different classes and seeing what programs are available. I want to work in the fitness industry and need to learn as much as I can about it. 

So this week, I agreed I'd go. Finally.

I'd started back on PiYO and P90 that weekend and Especially my right hamstring. No amount of Epsom salts and massaging was helping. It was cold as hell the Monday night. I didn't know quite where I was going and was trusting that the OC Transpo travel planner was sending me to the right place. 

I had many reasons why I shouldn't have gone, or why I should have waited for another week. The biggest one? I was scared. 

I'd never taken a group fitness class before. I was scared that I wasn't "in shape" enough to last the entire hour. What if I fell?! My coordination is awful, what if I were to mess up the entire time?! 

But I was determined not to let my fears and excuses get the best of me. Plus, a friend on my facebook page reminded me that everyone would be too busy watching their own selves to care about what I was doing! And I could modify the moves if my hamstring bothered me. 

I bundled up to brave the cold and headed out. 

To Zumba or bust!

Well my travel planner was wrong, wrong wrong and I arrived to my transfer stop, only to discover that my bus was only going to show up AFTER class had already started. I called my sister (in tears - I was frustrated and SO so cold) and told her I probably wasn't going to make it. And she arranged for her friend Louise to come meet me. Amazing, right? They came to get me even though it meant that they'd be a bit late too. Fitness friends are incredible. 

So we made it just in time to change and go!! The music was loud and incredible. I had SO MUCH FUN!! The class was packed (apparently the instructor, Paula, is very popular!). I wasn't as bad as I thought I'd be. Sure, I went left when I should have gone right and got dizzy with this one song with a ton of spinning in it, but I did my best, laughed and had a blast. And as a true testament to the endurance I've built up from running and P90 - I made it through the hour, with energy to spare. It was great.

The glow of a great class!

I'd love to join in on her class weekly! It was such fun. And I loved being surrounded by people who are interested in bettering themselves and helping each other! Everyone was so friendly! 

So, the moral of my story is: don't let your fears stop you from trying new things .. You could miss out on an experience you'd really love. 


  1. yeah! glad you went and it was awesome! isn't louise great!? love her!
    - robyn

  2. A great story! You have such incredible determination and you really take away the excuses!