Friday, January 30, 2015

Blog Will Be Changing Soon!

My journey has taken me to many incredible places within myself. What I've learned over these (almost) three years astounds me to even this day. I'll be sharing a lot of that in the future. 

One big thing I've learned is that we never stop learning, growing and changing. I love that! It's so exciting to know that a year from now, I'll be a better version of me. 

Within my growth, I've struggled with my blog a bit. It started off as Mama Lego's Happy Place and changed into Healthy Foodies and now I just kinda don't feel that? Because I've become more than just a weight loss story. I'm so much more than that. 

My Facebook page is Mommy's Going Healthy! (Never heard of it? Head over there and give it a like!) I kind of love it because "healthy" is an open term - it's not just about eating and exercising, but it's about having a happy mind and soul. To be healthy is to have a happy mind, body, diet and soul. And Mommy's Going Healthy is reflecting my journey in that. 

I want my blog to head in that direction. I need to change the name. Maybe Mommy's Going Healthy will be it, or maybe I'll choose something else. I'll be thinking it over on the weekend and hopefully start to implement the changes over the next week. 

I absolutely will still share my weight loss progress and recipes, but I'll also be sharing with you what I've been learning about myself along the way! I also want to show other moms that they too can take great care of themselves (inside and out!) and their families too :)

So .. Any suggestions for a blog re-name?! 

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