Saturday, September 27, 2014

Back on Track!

I had my great weeks where I tracked every bite and always stayed within my calories for the day. 

I've had my horrible days where all I'd track was my healthy breakfast and then went bonkers with my eating the rest of the day and didn't track after that first meal. 

But I've never missed a single login since I started up again. The streak I had going meant everything to me, and even on those bad days (or weeks) when I wasn't on track with my healthy goals, I made sure to log in because I didn't want to lose my streak .. Because healthy me on a good day would be really upset! 

That means I never gave up on myself. Through the hard days I always kept my goal in mind. That's a pretty good feeling to me :) Maybe I am finally learning what truly healthy living is this time around!

So, in celebration of my 95th consecutive login to My Fitness Pal (and my 95th day of dedication!), I am proud to announce that I have officially lost 36 lbs! Yes, it's just a number on a scale and doesn't show the inches I've lost or the muscle I've gained .. But it is still nice to see that the fat is indeed melting away, slowly but surely. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone :) 

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  1. Good for you! I'm so proud that you haven't given up on yourself. You've got this!