Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ruts and Stuff

Can I be honest?

Ruts suck. Big time.

They happen in all aspects of life. School, career, diet, foods, exercise.

Once you fall into a rut, it is SO challenging to dig yourself out of it. It requires a lot of determination, motivation, and plenty of hard work. For me, it can also mean growing a set o' man jewels and actually being brave enough to fix what needs fixing. 

I'm in a "winter rut" because I feel cooped up and just want to hand over my bus pass and walk and run everywhere like I do any other season of the year. If ever I want to go outside, if even only for a few minutes, it means taking a good 20 minutes first to bundle up the kids and ensure they're properly covered to handle the harsh cold weather. And then there's hearing them whine and moan throughout the time spent outside because it is too cold (okay. It's me whining and moaning.) Then there's the not having proper footwear for long walks (my boots are old and poopy).

Outside = smiles
My fix? I really need to stop letting winter be an excuse and just get out there - I'm so much happier when I'm outside, walking or running, even in the cold! GET OUTSIDE!

I'm in a "food rut" because the hubs and I haven't been trying new recipes like we always did. Our fresh produce isn't always affordable and we find ourselves eating a lot of the same things. Also, with school and work, we really have to make an effort to put in the time to make fresh, nutritious, homemade foods. I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes we are so wiped that we go with what is fast and easy, with health and nutrition being the last things in our minds. 
More of this, please!
My fix? I've decided to just give myself the kick in the ass - STOP being lazy and START fixing the diet. Nobody is going to do it for me. If I want it, I need to work at it. It's important to me and so crucial for my family's healthy growth and development! Keep meal planning and making time to prep it all is the best way to keep on top of it .. and not buying crap foods. If it isn't in the house, we won't eat it.

I'm in a "job rut" (which I've talked about before). I'm working a job I'm just not happy at anymore. I was when I first started it over five years ago, but now I just dread every shift and count down the minutes until the shift is over. I'm always taking vacation days and early leave to just get out of there. Yes, I'm in school and working towards a career that I will love, but until then, I just can't suffer through my current job anymore.
True story.
My fix? This is where I man up. I've never been a fan of change - I'm a huuuuuge security blanket kind of person. I dream of only working jobs I LOVE (which isn't a very practical dream for anyone, really) and I fear rejection and failure. My husband said it best - I won't find a job I'm happy at if I don't put myself out there and try new things. And while I'm working towards my dream career, I can try new jobs in the meantime. Maybe I will come across that job I could love, who knows? And if I don't get hired, it's not a rejection - that's just fate's way of telling me that the job isn't right for me :) 
(Side note: For those I work with - I am not putting down the job. It is a good job and a good company .. Just not for me anymore! If you are happy there, amazing! Keep smiling!)

Wish me luck in fixing my ruts .. Or not luck, wish me motivation to keep it going!! :)
Have you ever been stuck in a rut, or more than one? What did you do to help yourself out of it? Let me know, we can support each other!

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