Friday, October 5, 2012

Spaghetti Sauce Chili

My friend (hey Christine O!) gave me this incredible idea on how to use up a batch of homemade pasta sauce. As many of you may know, I make pasta sauce a LOT and end up eating it for leftovers for days on end or stocking up my freezer with it.
Starting to add me veggies!
With cooler weather approaching, I took up on her suggestion - turn the pasta sauce into chili! Warm, hearty, spicy chili on a cool day? They were meant to be!

The "recipe" is super simple. Take one batch of your tomato sauce (I make mine with store-bought sauce and add my own ingredients - extra lean ground turkey, lots of diced tomatoes, onions, green peppers, minced garlic, pepper, basil and oregano) and add red kidney beans (I buy the no-salt-added kind but still rinse them well), and pepper, cumin and chili powder to taste. Let it simmer for about an hour over low heat.

Aaaaand that's it.

Serve it with a piece of sourdough bread (to soak up the extra sauce, yum!) and away you go. One cup of the chili works to be between six and eight points (it all depends on how much turkey and beans are in there).

Perfect way to use up that leftover sauce on a cold day :)
I just love a healthy, hearty chili!

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