Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5K Walk Like He-llth!

The kids and I got there early and went on a bit of a nature walk :)
This Sunday morning I met up with my favorite walking buddy (the other half of Team Crazy Lego!) Christine for the 2012 Wellness Walk. The walk was a fundraiser for a local children's sports camp ... Contributing to kids getting active?! What a great reason to get walking!

The weather was cool and rainy but we dressed for occasion (I had on two shirts upon arrival - then I threw my walk shirt on over it and my jacket!) and the kids were nicely bundled into their stroller.
The front and back of the shirt. Cool!
There were (maybe) forty other walkers / runners there, and it was nicely organized. We were able to do a 5K walk or run, or a 10K walk or run, and they had a 1K for kids too!
Off we go!
The walk was absolutely gorgeous. It was along a bike path / nature trail that cut through the beautiful woods (forest walk in fall? Be still, my heart!). We kept stopping along the way to take pictures of the view and to enjoy the sights.
Breathtaking, isn't it?!
More of the beautiful sights.

Picture with Christine :)
Even though it started raining after we passed the halfway mark, the walk was just wonderful. It was damp, yes, but much more comfortable to walk in than the yucky humidity of summer!
The group of us at the 2.5K mark!
All bundled up!
The finish line ahead!
We all had cold noses and fingers at the finish line, but Brother Lego decided he wanted to run with Mama through the grass and then Daughter Lego wanted to join in on the walking fun too, so we all walked around the finish line while we waited for our ride home (thanks, Taxi Dan! Haha)

Daughter Lego chasing after Christine
It's so cool to see how my kids get inspired by activity, and that they want to participate. That was the whole point of the walk today, right?! I'm a proud Mama Lego right here!!

Coming home to have a warm shower, a hot mocha, and reading stories while cuddling under a blanket with the kids made the perfect end to a lovely morning.
Mmmm mocha
Thanks to the lovely Christine for inviting me along and for being a great walking buddy! See you at the next one :)

PS. My allergies (to the trees, grass and leaves) weren't playing nicely with my asthma but I'm happy to say, I didn't need my inhaler! Always a check in the "pro" column!

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