Friday, October 26, 2012

SNT October!

Welcome to October's Edition of Something New Thursday! 

For any new readers, SNT is the act of trying something new (food, recipe, meal at a restaurant, etc) and sending in a picture to brag about it! I always encourage trying new foods to keep us active and interested in our healthy lifestyle and to keep us out of food ruts (I'm sure I'm not just speaking for myself when I say, food ruts make me bored which then usually leads me to eating baaaaaaad things!)

Any time you have something new, send a picture to me via FacebookTwitter, or email me .. I'll include your pictures in that month's SNT post and even include links back to your blog / page! :)

So without further delay .. Here's what was cooking this month!

Christine A made Stew Good To Be True. She said she liked it, but she's thinking she'll stick to her usual stew recipe.

Curried Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup. We made this for lunches on those cooler autumn days. It is so full of flavor and just delicious! It's rich and creamy (without cream added!) and so low in points (3 pts / cup! Yum!). Recipe to come :)

I love sweet potatoes yet I've never had them mashed ... Until now!! I doubt I will ever make regular white mashed potatoes again, the sweet potato mash was SO good!! And knowing that sweets are so loaded with nutrients is an added bonus. So yum!
Since making these, we haven't had white potatoes once. I'm obsessed.
Daddy Lego loves to experiment with different pancake variations, and I love tasting them! This here is a whole wheat - flax light pancake made with chopped pecans and a swirl of homemade caramel. Oh ... My ... Yummm!!

I made a big batch of pumpkin yogurt for the family. They loved it! And I loved how nutritious this dessert was!

Christina made a fried rice made with all sorts of ingredients she had laying around. In it you'll find bok choy, eggs, onions, red pepper, and bacon. Doesn't that look delicious?!

Christina also bought these k-cups for her keurig .. Cheaper and healthier than buying from a specialty coffee shop! She says they're SO yum!!
Yeah .. I need these in my life.

Country Harvest w/ flax is my favorite whole grain bread .. And now it has quinoa in it!!! So happy to have found it!
So moist, tasty, and nutritious!
Now that the Fall / Winter season is upon us, Daddy Lego and I have been wanting warm, hearty meals. He made a rich and delicious ratatouille and it was SO good!! The best part was that it felt as though we were eating something "bad" but it really wasn't. It's basically vegetables (mushrooms, zucchini, turnip, carrots, onions) marinated in a homemade tomato sauce with fresh herbs. He made a large batch so we have lots left over to make into a pasta sauce!

Christina made cabbage rolls for the first time and really liked them! She said the hardest part about making them was peeling the cabbage leaves off the head without breaking them. Will you be making them again?

I made a shepherd's pie - instead of beef, I used half lean ground pork and half lean ground veal (they were both on special and way cheaper than beef!) and I used mashed sweet potatoes (because I'm obsessed with them). A-ma-zing. Took an old favorite, leaned it up, and made it taste 500 times better!! :)
I must have been married to a brussel sprout in a past life because WOW do I ever love that veggie!!
Christine made these peanut butter, banana and oatmeal squares. She said they were good, but she'd make a couple of changes to make them great!

Christina made a soup with leeks, potato, bacon and cheddar .. Is it a "cheat night" kind of soup? Looks sssssooooo amazing. I could just imagine how great your house smelled while this was cooking!

After hearing from many people about how great coconut water is, I really wanted to try it! So when I saw it at my local Rexall, I immediately grabbed one to take on our morning walk. Oh my. I wish I could say I loved it - or even liked it. A little. It tasted like really old, past the expiration date kind of juice. Maybe it was just this brand?

And that wraps up October's Something New Thursday! Doesn't seeing all these delicious foods inspire you to get cooking?! :)


  1. The leek-potato-carrot soup was actually not that high in points! The only thing with points in the soup itself was the potatoes, and you can add as much or as little bacon (in my bowl I might have had 1 slice, if that!) and cheddar (I probably put more than I should have, but it was yum!) on top of the soup as you like! :)

    1. Oh, there was also a bit of oil for cooking the ingredients :)

  2. Some coconut water tastes so much better than others! Try to get a zico health food stores and loblaws sell this brand. Or blue monkey or king island. I looove all three of those brands

  3. Just wondering if you tried peeling your cabbage leaves off when they were raw???? If you wrap your cabbage- with the core removed -in plastic wrap and place in microwave on high for 10 minutes the leaves peel off much easier.OR if you don't like the idea of plastic wrap in the microwave you can use this method that I just found on a blog: