Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Less Than Stellar?

*This post was written on Saturday*

I got a good reality check today!

I was having a good day. I made some kick-ass apple cinnamon whole wheat pancakes with flax for breakfast. The pears I bought a week ago were finally ready for eating and omnomnom those were good! The kids were in good moods and the sun was out.

I wanted to run.
I'm so lucky that my running path is SO gorgeous!
Another shot of my path.
So I busted out my new headband and tank top ($3 at Old Navy!), got the Lego Kids bundled into the double, and out we went.
Pre-run silliness!
My goal was to get the first day of week 6 of my C25K program wrapped up. It was simple - 5 minute warmup walk, and two 10 minute runs separated by a 3 minute walk. Easy! I'd just run a 5K the night before in 37 minutes!

... Yeah.

The first ten-minute stretch sucked. My legs were aching with every step. I just couldn't get my breathing right. My left-side hip injury kept nagging me. I really had to force my way through it. I was so unbelievably relieved when the announcer told me to start walking. Yes please!!!

Those three minutes walking just FLEW by and it was time to get running again. I pushed myself to it and oh Lordy ..

I started seeing spots in front of my eyes. My head began to spin and I knew I needed to stop. I had my babies with me and I didn't want to pass out or be unable to make my way back home. So with five minutes of scheduled running left, I had to slow it down to a walk and headed home. 
Yeah, she had the right idea!
I was frustrated with myself. I was angry. Why couldn't I do this simple run?
Sad Mama.
I got back home and tweeted about how I was trying not to beat myself up over my less-than-stellar run .. And an amazing sweat pink sister got back to me.

Isn't she amazing?! (by the way, her blog is amazing too, and she's up for one of the Top 25 Circle of Moms blog awards - vote for her here!)

She was totally right and made me feel 842% better. Sure, I didn't complete my run - but I RAN. I did my best and for that I am proud and happy. And I stopped when I knew I needed to - smart me!! :)

Not every run will be like my blissful run. Some of them won't be great. But ALL of them will be 100% better than sitting on the couch and will ALL be done with pride!

Day One, Week Six - we shall meet again .. With a great big ol' smile on my face!


  1. Awww..I love the pics! You are so right! My BF told me (after a particularly crappy run) "They won't all be good ones." Man...I was NOT happy to hear that, but it is the truth. For me, I had to get out there as soon as possible to make sure I could still do it! LOL...
    You are so awesome and girl...You ARE doing it!!