Monday, October 1, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal!

The goods!
On Wednesday the 19th, my very first Foodie Pen Pal package arrived! (I never get parcels in the mail so this was a huge deal for me!)
I'd told my pen pal that I was flexible - the only "preference" I had was that the package have some healthy options. I didn't want her to go through too much trouble for my parcel!

She sent me a great package. She made some homemade fruit "leather" made from dehydrated fresh plums, blueberries, apples and blackberries that grew on her mom's property and was sweetened with agave syrup. Think fruit roll-ups but healthy, low-sugar and unprocessed! So delicious!! And how incredible was it that she had taken the time to make them for me?!

Daddy Lego and I had been talking for a while about how we'd been wanting to try kale chips - so imagine our surprise to find a package of locally-made kale chips in my pen pal box! We have yet to taste them (maybe tonight!) but I'm sure they're going to be great.

And the BEST part about the package?! The recipe and all the (dry) ingredients needed for cranberry oatmeal cookies! Holy cow are they ever scrumptious!! The house smelled amazing while making them. Hands-down, these are my new favorite cookies. I'll be making them over and over again! My kids love them too and they're a healthier recipe made with egg whites and whole wheat flour! Big yay! (I'll share the recipe in a later post!)
Fresh from the oven!
To Lauren - thank you so much for making my first foodie pen pal month a great one :)

And to Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean - thank you for working so hard on this program! What a great way to get people connected!

If anyone is interested in the Foodie Pen Pal program, click on the "I Love Foodie Pen Pals" button on the right hand side of my blog. I won't be able to participate in October (we need to get our fall - winter wardrobes purchased!) but come November, I'm planning to be a monthly regular :) Join in on the fun too!
The package I sent my Foodie Pen Pal

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