Friday, September 28, 2012

SNT - September!

Happy Friday, everyone!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that this chaotic month is almost over .. September has been wonderful, yes, but I'm looking forward to a little down time in October :)

So, I'm a day late, but here it is: September's edition of Something New Thursday!

For all new readers: SNT is something that began this past summer. It started off as a weekly post but now will be featured as a monthly post. What is it? To encourage everyone to keep trying new things (to keep ourselves interested in the "food" side of our weight loss journeys while avoiding food ruts which can lead to binges), I challenged everyone to try at least one new food or recipe per week (keeping within our nutritional and healthy food goals!). They then send me a picture to have it proudly displayed in that month's SNT post, with links back to their blogs (if they want to!)

So without further delay .. Here's what was cooking in September!

Tomato Eggplant Bites

Christina (she also ran the Army Run, you can read about it here!) made these. They're nice to look at and look SO delicious!

Heirloom Carrots

My bestie got lots of heirloom carrots in her delivery of local, hand-picked veggies, and gave me a bunch of them to use. They have the same texture and crunch as carrots, but with a nice, mild carrot flavor. So good!
Mmm stuffing ...

Leek Soup

To lighten up the "creamy" soup, Christina made this leek soup with half milk, half cream, and chicken broth!
Sign me up for some hot coup on a cool day!

Greek Pasta Salad

The lovely Christine combined three difference light recipes for Greek pasta salad and came up with her own unique creation. She also added spinach (because who doesn't love spinach?!). Doesn't that look good?!

One Flew Over the Couscous Nest

A creamy and hearty Looneyspoons chicken dish made with lots of mushrooms. Originally made to serve over couscous (hence the name), Christine served it over wild rice. That looks like the perfect dish to make on a cool, autumn day!

Light Stroganoff

Daddy Lego has been working on perfecting his light version of stroganoff. He first made it mid-September and we've had it about four times since - it's SO delicious!! I'll be posting the recipe for it soon :)
Mushrooms, mini potatoes, carrots, onions, and turkey.

Oatmeal PB Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies (with flax!)

This is a Looneyspoons recipe that I doctored to make my own. The original recipe is the oatmeal PB chocolate chip cookie, but I added a hint of cinnamon, a touch of vanilla, flax, and used dark chocolate chips instead of milk. I wanted to "healthy up!" this treat!

Banana-Flax Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Chips

If ever I can get Daddy Lego to part with his recipe, I'll share it with you. But yeah, banana pancakes made with flax, half whole wheat flour / half white, and dark chocolate chips. Heaven on my breakfast plate. Served beside apple slices with peanut butter and coffee? Breakfast-gasm.

Kahlua Coffee

I just had to include this. After months of wanting to try this coffee, we finally did. And wow .. It's our new favorite for sure!! Our keurig even seems happiest when brewing it :)

If ever you try something new (a recipe, a new fruit / veggie / snack, a meal at a friend's or a restaurant) send me a picture at We want to see what's on your plates! This also provides us all with ideas for what to make in our own kitchens!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Enjoy cooking and baking with all the flavors that fall has to offer! :)


  1. These all look so good! Are you going to share recipes? (If you want the eggplant/tomato bite recipe or the leek one to share, let me know!)

  2. Specifically, I'd love the One Flew one... can you send it to me?