Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Run, Lego! Run!

Hahaha thanks to Forrest Gump for inspiring this blog title.

You know the phrase:

Well. Since I've returned to work, I've been struggling with my 5K training. The Army Race is coming up FAST. I started my training program a long time ago and I'm only on week three now. I've been finding it difficult to find time to go for runs. My husband and I work opposite shifts so that one of us is always home with the baby Legos ..

He works days, I work nights.

I don't have a jogging stroller so I always think that I can't run when I'm home with the kids - it would be too hard. I hate running on the spot so I won't do it at home. I can't run to work because there are no showers to use there and I don't want to work all hot and sweaty. When Daddy Lego is home, I want to spend time with him, not run away (ha) so ..

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I was so upset when I realized I was making these stupid excuses. Running is so important to me yet I was finding ways to not go.

To be honest with myself: week three is where my runs start to become more difficult. And I think I was just afraid of that. But I've been learning to keep pushing myself when things get tough (and watching the Olympics - holy inspiring!!).

So yesterday, I went for a run with my favorite people in the world walking with me - my family! Instead of following my training program, I went for a warm-up walk and then ran just to see how long I could go. My goal was five minutes.

I ran for SIX minutes!! (that is a HUGE accomplishment for this round girl with bad asthma who never ran a day before in her life!) :)

So now I have nothing to be afraid of! Week three - get ready to be owned!! Jogging stroller or no - I'm going for a run with my kids this morning! :)
And this is me post-run! Running with this stroller isn't easy, but I did it! And the kids had a blast, too!


  1. Good for you for over coming your excuses! Love the picture of the three of you too cute!

  2. Keep up the hard work!!! I always found that I was great at making up excuses not to work out too...it is a hard habit to break.