Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week One of 100-Mile On Foot Challenge - In the Bag!!

I made it through my first week.

I'll admit, after the first couple of days of just my regular, ordinary walking (to the grocery store, playing soccer with the kids, evening walk to work, morning walk outdoors, etc) I thought that I'd really bitten off more than I could chew with this challenge. 

I'd thought that by just walking to work (which I do every day!) would have been more than enough to get me close to my goal. But when I actually got out the pedometer and tracked it, I saw this: my walks to work are 2.5 miles on foot. Now, multiply that by five times per week, then multiply that by four weeks per month? That would only give me fifty miles. FIFTY! Only half of my goal!

So I learned that I needed to step it up. Lots.

My husband is fantastic. I was doubting myself and my challenge and he was all, "No problem, Mama! We'll get you there! You've got this!" (I know right, how awesome is he?!). His confidence in me restored my self-confidence and I'm GOING to do this!!

So knowing that I'll need approximately 25 miles per week to accomplish my goal, I stepped it up. My aim is to get between 3-4 miles in per day. And I keep my pedometer on me at all times - even when I'm just getting up to check the mail, because every step counts! And now that I'm getting back to my 5K training, I'll have no problem getting in my 100 miles this month. Who knows, maybe I'll get even more?!

My grand total for week one is 23.58 miles. I know that this wasn't quite enough for my needed 25 miles per week, but I know that I can get those missing miles back in no time. 

Like Daddy Lego said: I've GOT this!!

Ps. I'm already thinking ahead to next month. What should my fitness challenge for September be? Does anyone have any challenges for me?!

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