Monday, August 6, 2012

Today, I'm smiling because ..

We all have days where we're feeling blue and it's hard to focus on being positive because we're SO down.

Well, I've been having more of those days since I have returned to work. It's been a HUGE adjustment to Team Lego's routine. We don't get to spend a lot of time together as a family and it really gets me down. It's been a struggle to keep on track diet-wise because I've been a little down and always used food in the past as a pick-me-up in these types of situations.

Because I fear getting off track with my ongoing healthy lifestyle (stupid emotional eating!!) I'm starting a "segment" in my blog where I'll be posting about what makes me smile .. It'll be a place I can go to in order to help motivate myself because I have so much to be grateful for! When I'm feeling down, I can go read my "happy" posts to cheer myself up instead of going for the fridge.

There are always going to be changes in life, but it is SO important to keep following the curves in the road that life throws at you and adjusting without driving off the road. This will be my way of adjusting .. with a smile :)

The weather outside was my FAVORITE kind. Sunny, spring-like weather with blue skies and no humidity. And because it was so nice, Team Lego and I were outside every chance we could get. I'm now able to fit down the slide and was able to take my daughter down for the first time! 

   I'm smiling because cheeseburgers and fries don't have to be off the menu with a healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation and balanced with exercise. So delicious!
Extra lean beef patty with light swiss cheese, mushrooms, spinach and tomato served with corn on the cob and homemade sweet potato fries!

Daddy Lego and I had two wonderful days off together this weekend. Since my return to work, we rarely get to spend time together as a family so we make every moment count! There was so much laughter and so many fun family activites and special moments.

I'm smiling because I'm kicking butt so far at my 100 Miles On Foot Challenge!

What got you smiling this weekend? :)

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  1. I think this is wonderful :) I'm glad you had great weekend with your family :) Keep up the good work on the 100 miles. Every step counts!