Friday, August 3, 2012

New Month, New Goal: 100 Miles!

I have a fellow blogger friend (Hi Joy!) who is also on a weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. She challenges herself every month to hit certain fitness goals.

I am very inspired by her determination. I also feel like it is a VERY positive outlook, to not only set weight loss goals but also fitness ones. Focusing only on the scale really isn't all a healthy lifestyle is about, is it?!

So this month, and going forward for every month, I'd like to set a different fitness goal for myself. They won't be anything crazy, like competing in a triathlon ... But they will be higher than my comfort level and more than I've ever done before so that I can continue to push myself and get motivated by my results!

For the month of August, Joy is going to achieve 100 miles of activity, be it biking, running, rollerblading, etc. While I've never tracked any distances I've walked before, I'd like to do the same! I walk pretty well everywhere and am confident that I can get 100 miles in by the end of the month!

Is anyone else in with Joy and I?! Let's do this!!

So here I go! 100 miles! Wish me luck! :)
Hahaha this is cute!

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  1. Oh Laura that is so great to hear !!!! I think it's a wonderful challenge and it is very kind of you to add me in your blog :) We can do this!! 100 miles here we come!!!