Thursday, August 2, 2012

Something New Thursdays!

Hey guys!

I've been very inspired by different bloggers' daily ideas! Some blogs have a Fitness Friday, where they post a new exercise routine or fitness challenge to achieve that week. Others have Wordless Wednesday, where you post pictures about anything you'd like. I've also seen Sunday Fundays, where you post a fun new activity to try!

I thought this was a really fun idea, and so I introduce to you: Something New Thursdays!

One of my biggest tricks to keeping myself on track with my healthy diet is by trying new things. Whenever anyone asks me my secret, that's what I tell them! Trying new recipes and foods helps to keep me interested in my diet. I don't get bored, I don't get stuck in ruts, and therefore keeping on track is much easier.

So I challenge YOU, dear friends, to try something new once a week! Take a picture of it, and send them to me at

Every Thursday, I'll post them for the world to see! And it doesn't just have to be something you make yourself - it can be a new food you found at the market and decided to try. It can be a healthy meal you discovered at a restaurant. It can be a new recipe you made one day during the week. It can be a delicious meal you had at a friend's house. As long as it's new to you, and keeping within the healthy theme, we want to see it!

Feel free to include the recipe you used and the points value per serving, and any other nutritional info - we'd love to hear it! :)

I'm SO excited to get started next week - and even more excited to start receiving your pictures!

Happy Dining! :)

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