Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My 100-Miles on Foot Challenge - Week Three Update!

Week three started off not so smoothly.

I noticed my pedometer app just wasn't working up to par. It wasn't properly calculating my steps. There were days where it would say my walk to work was only 1.5 miles long, when in fact I know it's just over 2.5.

Daddy Lego knew how frustrated I was getting because I was losing precious miles that I indeed had walked / ran. And I didn't feel right just adding on an extra mile or so at the end of the day to make up for it (what I'd I'd walked more than a mile, or less?). It would have felt like cheating.

My incredible husband came home on Sunday with a new pedometer for me. He'd researched the best one to get for my needs, and made sure to get product reviews before buying it to ensure he wasn't getting a dud for me. He even double-checked with the sales people at the store to make sure they hadn't heard anything negative about the one he'd chosen.

(I've said it before and I'll say it again - he's too good to be true!!)

This pedometer is also too good to be true! It clicks into place on any pair of pants I wear .. No matter if I'm wearing my favorite (baggy) pajama bottoms, my yoga pants, or jeans, it doesn't budge. And because it's so small, it doesn't get in the way. It calculates every step perfectly (my walks to work are 2.5 miles again!). And since it's on me all day (vs. when it was on my iPhone, it wasn't possible to have it on me all day), my steps add up much quicker! Every step to the bathroom gets tracked, getting up to fetch snacks for the kids gets counted, and every dance step I take gets accounted for. Big yay!
It counts mile / kilometers, steps, calories, keeps time AND does your dishes!! :P

So this week's total is ... 33.32 miles!!

Wow, right?! And to think, it could have been higher had the first few days been tracked properly on my pedometer app!

I have been enjoying the cooler weather lately and have been out for walks / runs with the kids every day. This summer weather is such a joy!!

I hope you're all getting out to enjoy it! Happy walking :)

Ps. For my fitness challenge for the month of September, Monica (hi Mon!) has challenged me to work on my core strength. Since my arms are a BIG source of core weakness for me, I've decided to start there. Any suggestions for targets I should be aiming for? And any other core body exercises I can add to my workout?

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