Thursday, August 23, 2012

SNT - Week Three!

Sadly, I didn't receive any pictures for this week's edition :( (though my mom sent me a couple of recipes that I'd like to try to make for next week's SNT post!) ... however, this week, Team Lego tried a few new things that we can share!

We found pluots at Farm Boy and were intrigued. Daddy Lego adores finding and trying new fruit (seriously, if fruit-tasting was a hobby, he'd be president of the club!). Pluots are part of the plum family. They're soft and juicy like plums, but much bigger and (nicely) sweet! You just know you're going to find a food fact blog from me about them, soon ;)
Looks like an apple, doesn't it?

A look inside. So yummy!
Believe it or not, I've never had a chili dog before. We made them this week and I felt silly that these have never made it to my plate before! They're SO good!! I'll have the meal idea / recipe post about them soon :)

Looking at this close-up makes me want them again :)
Daddy Lego made this amazing warm pasta salad, with whole wheat bow tie pasta, bococcini, eggplant, fresh basil and tomatoes. Again, I'll include the recipe in a later post!
Daddy Lego knows how to make any meal look incredible!

We love coming up with different ways to cook up turkey burgers. This here is our "Provolone Cordon Bleu" turkey burger. Suuuuper delicious and moist, loaded with flavor in every bite! Recipe to come! (the pink bits in the middle are sliced ham)
The sliced ham mixed into the turkey meat was such a great touch. The flavor was just delicious!

Don't forget to take the Something New Challenge! Try one new food / recipe / meal per week to keep yourself out of the ol' boring food rut! Send me a picture to have it featured in that week's SNT post! 

Have a great week, everyone :)


  1. Yum! They all look good! Sorry I forgot to take pictures this week... next week for sure! :)

  2. They all look so yummy!! I would really love to try the Turkey burger recipe can't wait for the recipe :)