Friday, August 17, 2012

My highlights of the week!

I had a pretty kick-ass week. I'm thrilled it's Friday (woo hoo weekend!!) but had some pretty great highlights this week. Here are a few of them!

My walks to work are about 45 minutes long .. and about 3/4's of the way through my walk, I saw this beautiful rainbow. It was the brightest one I've ever seen! Definitely a photo moment. It's really hard to tell, but there are actually two rainbows here.

I finally bought new running shoes. I cannot express enough just how important it is to have proper food gear when running and walking for long distances. My knees are MUCH happier now that I have shoes that help absorb shock! And they are SO comfortable!! They may not be the ones I was drooling over at Sport Chek .. But those will come, in time :) I love love LOVE these!! Super comfortable and very affordable!

This was my husband's reaction when he got his birthday gift from his brother Kevin. Look at those gamer headphones! Such a dork. I love it!

Having someone you admire, respect, and idolize post a picture on FB of a comment you made on her blog post = So cool. Totally made my day!

I made an old favorite (PB and banana toast!) a new favorite, but points-friendly and just as delicious! It's all about portion-control and not eating it every single day. Having it once in a while as a treat will keep it special for me.

We have full-fat cheese in the house for our kids .. My old habit used to be that when I was slicing it or grating it for the kids, I'd eat the remaining pieces. Today, I caught myself. No nibbling for me!! Reformed cheese addict right here! (ah, who am I kidding .. I'm still a mozzerelladdict)

Funny pictures make me smile. Had to share this one!
How was everyone's week? I hope you all had some special highlights. I hope even more that you have a fantastic weekend, as well! :)
Cheers and a few jumping jacks!

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