Wednesday, August 29, 2012

100-Miles On Foot .. Challenge Defeated!!

It's done.

My first monthly fitness challenge has been completed.

And I'm actually sad about it!!
One of the gorgeous paths I get to run down
It was so much fun to keep getting myself out the door, going for runs and walks as much as possible. It was almost addictive, to see the numbers climbing higher and higher on my pedometer, and pushing myself to get more miles in than the day before, the week before. It was exciting to blow my daily goals out of the water!

I've decided I'm not going to stop. I'm going to keep wearing my pedometer every day to make sure I get in at least 10, 000 steps every day! It's fun and keeps me active!
Hulk decided to come on one of our evening walks :)
This week I walked / ran for 40.79 miles!!

Making my total for the month 126.87 miles!! Holy crap!!

I achieved my goal of getting 100 miles on foot in one month. I am SO proud and really excited. What a great feeling! 
Another view of the same path. Just a beautiful walking / running trail!
My goal for September is to work on my core strength. I cannot do a proper sit-up or a proper push-up .. And so I've challenged myself to be able to complete 25 non-stop reps of each by the end of the month! I'll also be doing my best to take the 300 Ab and Core challenge .. But my main goal will be the sit-ups and push-ups. And I really do think I've got my plate full with this challenge!

September, here I come!!


  1. Congrats Laura!!! It is addictive :) It was a great challenge. I am almost finished the challenge myself. I am not going to lie it was challenging for me to do it only with my workouts yikes. Looking forward to the core challenge. I am even going to take a before and after picture for the month. I don't know if I will post them but I would like to see if there will be change. Keep up the fantastic work!!

    1. Thank you so much, Joy!! It's been so much fun doing these challenges with you! :)

      I definitely plan to take before and after pics, too ... Not sure yet too, if I'll post them ..