Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BLT Pizza! (well, kind of!)

As you are well aware by now - Daddy Lego and I have a pizza problem. We just can't get enough of the stuff. If I go listing the reasons why, I'll start to want one .. And that's a craving I just don't want to deal with (at least not today!)

Anyhow, in order to use up some ingredients we had in the fridge (bococcini and chicken bacon!) we decided to make a pizza. And I LOVE BLT's .. So we decided to combine them! Well, sort of. We certainly didn't load it with mayonnaise.

We started with a PC whole grain thin crust (we normally make our own dough but we were running low on some ingredients which would have cost us more than a pre-made crust!), then added a layer of pizza sauce (we accidentally put too much on this time .. Next time will be different!). We topped our pizza with (not in this particular order) a layer of thinly sliced tomatoes, seven (small) pieces of sliced up bococcini, two pieces of chopped chicken bacon, and spinach. (see?! Bacon, lettuce and tomato!)

Then we grated a tiny 2cm cube of light old cheddar over top, sprinkled on some chopped fresh basil, and threw it into the oven for 20 minutes on 425.

O ... M ... G!!

The bococcini melted SO beautifully and gave our pizza that gooey, stringy cheesy feeling without the added fat. The old cheddar added that little extra flavor that this pizza wouldn't have been the same without. The saltiness of the chicken bacon perfectly matched the low-salt flavor of the bococcini and the tomato added so much taste to the pizza. Every bite was a little piece of heaven.

And get this. Because we used thin crust and lighter toppings, each QUARTER was eight points!!

This pizza is definitely on our "must make again" list!

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