Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Week of July 2nd - Find Your Inspiration!

There was no weigh-in this past Monday as the WW center was closed for the Canada Day long weekend .. I really should have gone to another meeting throughout the week but it just wouldn't be the same. I love my Monday Night WW Family!

I get so inspired by the people in attendance, their stories, and my fantastic leader, Leslie. But since I couldn't see them this week, I found my inspiration elsewhere .. Here:

Reading the success stories of all these people is a huge WOW for me! They all started where I did: step one. They wanted to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, set their goals, found what worked for them, and made their goals and dreams a reality. How inspiring!!

Sheryl's story was wonderful (and how cute is her dress style?!) and had a great quote, "I'd lost enough of my youth and enough of my life," and didn't want to continue on that way. I could definitely relate to that phrase. What a great reminder to keep on going! 

Sheryl also had these amazing tips that I 110% agree with: 

  • Make Weight Watchers a permanent part of your life. If you never stop, you’ll never have to start again—and that’s the hardest part.
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone’s body is different. None of us lose in the same way or at the same rate, so don’t judge your progress by someone else’s.
  • I know this is hard to grasp, but don’t obsess about the number on the scale. It doesn’t always reflect the behaviors of the week that led up to it.
  • Patience, persistence and perseverance will lead to progress—perfection won’t. Don’t try to be perfect because it’s unrealistic to think that you can be.
  • Just start! It’s not going to get any better or easier the longer you put it off. Don’t waste any more time. Your awesome new life is waiting for you!

This week is going to be a great one .. I can just feel it! My hard work will pay off .. And yours will, too!

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