Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Boxed Mac and Cheese .. Team Lego Style!

My husband and I LOVE Kraft Dinner. Our kids do, too. We rarely eat it because it really isn't that great for us .. It's loaded with preservatives and doesn't have a whole lot of nutrients. When we do decide to have it, we usually buy KD Smart (it's definitely a better choice compared to the regular stuff - it has no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives!) and we always make it our own. 

We follow the directions on the box (we use light butter and 2% milk) to make the mix, then we add our own ingredients to it. We love to puree cauliflower, onions and garlic (to taste) and throw it into the pot. It adds such a creamy texture and delicious flavor. Then we add (you know it's coming!) our favorite Kraft light tex mex shredded cheese mix. Let it simmer on low for a few minutes (not too long, or the sauce will cook down and you'll end up with sticky pasta instead of creamy) and serve. 

Always make sure to have lots of vegetables on the side of it, since one serving (a 3/4 cup) is seven points. Also remember that if you're going to have bread with it, try and go with a whole grain version! (unlike what I have in the picture - bad decision, me!)

So who says you can't have your old favorite, cheesy, creamy pasta when you're making changes to your diet?! Not me! I'll eat it .. In Moderation!

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  1. You just made KD sound yummy to me!! I haven't had it years but Rob loves the stuff. I am going to try your recipe and I will get back to you :)