Friday, July 6, 2012

Friends Make Exercising THAT Much Better

I had an exercise date the other night with one of my best friends in the whole world.

Let me back track here. This is the same friend that I used to have McDonalds dates with. As in, a Big Mac meal, supersize the fries, hot fudge sundae kind of date. And then sit around watching Friends, talking, and laughing.

Now we get together as often as we can to still talk and laugh, but also to exercise!

I look ridiculous, but isn't she gorgeous?! My fellow YOGI!
She's the one who introduced me to yoga and how amazing it is! And she helped me see that it was okay to not be able to do all the moves correctly (yet!!), to do what feels right and eventually my body will catch up. And she was right. I'm more flexible now than I have been in years. I'm also feeling more toned and stronger than I have in a long time!

So that night we got together to do some yoga in the park .. And it was great (once we were able to stop talking!). The breeze was refreshing and the view was just perfect. Such a calming workout.

Then we went for a walk on the boardwalk at Mer Bleu, which is basically a boardwalk (maybe 1km long?) that winds around a beautiful swamp. We kept an eye out for turtles (no luck this time!) but saw a cute frog.
Such a peaceful place!

A view just off the boardwalk.
The views around us were just breathtaking. Nature is so beautiful. The view and the company both served as a great distraction from the fact that my body was a little achy from our yoga'ing and I was tired from a long day of housecleaning and playing with the kids!
If I wasn't so "icky" about bugs, I could totally live here.
a beaver-less beaver dam!

It made me realize - exercise is great on its own, but with a friend, or a group of friends? It's pretty darned awesome! It's fun, entertaining, and distracting (if you're struggling through your workout!). You can also encourage each other through your exercise so that way, if you feel you're slipping, you have someone there to give you that push you need. 

So ... If anyone is looking for an exercise buddy - I'm ready and willing! Name the time and the place and I'll be there. We can help each other work towards our fitness goals and laugh our way through it! :)


  1. I'd love to go for a walk around Mer Bleu! I haven't been in years! :) It's pretty close to me :)

    1. Let's make a date to go together!!