Sunday, July 22, 2012

Okay, I'll admit ...

I had a couple of "oopsies" this weekend. Well, more like a two-day long oopsie.

Have you ever heard that phrase, "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail"? (come on fellow WW family members - you KNOW you've heard it!!)

Well, to be honest, I never fully understood that phrase. Until this weekend. Here's my story:

I'm returning to work next week after being off for a year on maternity leave, and then two more months on unpaid leave of absence. When I'm working, Daddy Lego will be home with the kids, and then I'll be home while he is at work, which means we'll have very little Parent Lego alone time. So this past Friday night, we had a date night to enjoy our alone time together while we still could.

Not the greatest quality, but here we are looking over the locks at the canal :)
We'd planned to go to our favorite restaurant, have our most favorite appetizers and main courses, and spend the night on the town, walking off our meals. We had our points set aside and planned to stay on track. All was great.

Well. We got to the Hard Rock Cafe and were shocked to discover their menu had changed and my favorite dish in the entire world, the one I craved for weeks at a time, the same one dish I got every single time I ate there for the last seven years, the dish I PLANNED on having in my tracker ... Was no longer on the menu.

No problem! Shrugged it off, ordered something comparable. Then my husband and I decided to order potato skins (since our planned-on favorite appetizer was also off the menu). And then after dinner, went to a cupcake shop that sold cupcakes as big as our heads. And got one each.
Daddy Lego had the chocolate chipotle and I had the apple dulce de leche  
So we went off track a little. No biggie! I had my weekly bonus points that I hadn't used yet. I was still okay.

The next day came along .. And it's SO tough to get back on track once you've had a night of mindless eating.

This is where my failing to plan failed me. I should have planned out my meals that day and stuck to it (heck, I normally have a meal plan drawn up for the week, but we hadn't done our groceries yet so ...)

I completely went off track. I'm not going to get into the gory details, but rest assured, it wasn't pretty, I used all of my remaining bonus points (and then some!), felt suuuuper gross when it was all said and done (and devoured!), and put on FOUR pounds.

No negative self-talk, no regrets, no depressed feelings about my binge and lack of self-control. It's done, it's behind me, it's over, and now I move forward. Back to my planning, back to tracking, back to feeling great about my healthy lifestyle.

Because, wow ... What I ate last night has me feeling sluggish, cranky, and run down today. I want happy, feeling great, loaded-with-energy Mama Lego back!!

Lessons learned (yet again). Plan ahead, stick to it, indulge every now and then but get back to it the next day! I have worked too hard to get where I am today, to let a couple of bad foodie days ruin it!!

So I'll probably see a gain on the scale tomorrow night at WW (in fact, I'm counting on it!). But instead of being upset about it - I'll use that as motivation to work even harder to get to my goal!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! Keep smiling :)

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  1. Aw, we all have those days. You can do it, just like they said at the last meeting, it's not a failure unless you give up!

    BTW, where are those cupcakes from?!