Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The week of June 25th - 35lbs down, and beat the BBQ!

This week's WW meeting was a handy one, on how to head into BBQ season while still keeping on plan. A lot of people throw their diet lifestyle change out the window at a BBQ. A couple of burgers, macaroni salad, a few beers, some ice cream ... It all sounds like a harmless and enjoyable BBQ dinner yet little did you know, that harmless dinner just cost you two days worth in points! And so you have to ask yourself: was it worth it?

If it was, then good for you! If it wasn't .. What could you have done differently?

Here are some really great tips that were offered to help us when we're entering the temptation zone of a BBQ:

1. Focus on the people you're visiting and the activity you're doing. Don't make the whole focal point of the BBQ the food. You're there to visit, not just to hit the buffet!

2. Engage in an activity. If there are children there, maybe start up a big game of tag, or kick a ball around. Not only are you keeping the kids entertained, but you're also getting in some exercise! Or if it's an adult-only BBQ, get a game of cards going, or still kick a ball around. Hit the pool if it's a pool party - the whole point is to keep your mind off of the beer!

Water balloons! What a fun BBQ activity!

3. If you're hosting, provide as many points-friendly food choices as possible. That way, the "bad" temptations aren't there to tease you and even if you do indulge, you won't do as much damage. Offer light beer, chicken burgers, shrimp skewers, corn on the cob .. The possibilities are endless!

4. If you're not hosting, but attending the BBQ, offer to bring something points-friendly.

5. Try to find out in advance what will be on the menu. That way you can plan out your meal before going to the BBQ and stick with it while you're there. You can even get in some extra exercise throughout the week so you can have a second turkey sausage knowing that you earned it!

My favorite part of the meeting is always the awards. Whenever a member hits a weight loss milestone (for every 5 lbs lost, 5%, 10%, 25lbs, 50lbs, etc..) they get rewarded! They get to celebrate their achievement with the rest of us. I'm always so happy for the members who get a milestone reward ... And I get SO inspired by their success! They always look so proud and so happy, and they usually give the group a trick that keeps them focused on their plan.

This week, a lady got her 5% weight loss reward (what a HUGE accomplishment!) and told us she's learning about portion control. Now she's eating chips out of a small bowl instead of right out of the bag. I thought that was a great tip .. Not only is everything measured and all points accounted for, you're not eating above and beyond what you intended to and you'll still have some left for another day!

Today my tip was to keep active and to keep trying new foods and recipes .. I got my 35lbs lost reward!! *happy dance!*


  1. congrats on your 35 pounds loss that's amazing!!!

  2. Congrats Laura! so proud of you! hmmmm water balloons at a BBQ...