Monday, February 9, 2015

21-Day Fix, Week One

So my first week of the 21-Day Fix is in the books! I've been enjoying the program so far. It's a big change compared to what I was doing before - kind of? I'm still eating the same healthy foods (with a few changes for the better) but the meals are smaller and there are more of them!

I've opted to follow the "fat blaster" program for nutrition, which is six small meals per day. And even though the containers are quite tiny, it comes out to be a LOT of food! Like, wow!! 

As I mentioned before, I'm still eating the same kinds of healthy foods - lots of vegetables and lean meats, but more of them, and healthy carbohydrates, just a bit less. And I definitely needed help there - winter is tough for me because I tend to lean heavily on carbs so I'm grateful for this program to keep me in check! I actually had to increase my fruit intake too. I normally would have one or two fruits a day, and now I need three. 

A huge discovery I made was with my coffee. I'm a big-time coffee lover .. But I found I have formed a bit of an addiction to my Coffeemate flavored non-dairy creamers (read: sugar and chemical shit storm!). So that part has been a bit of a struggle - was I ready to kick it out of my diet like I did diet coke? No. But I am committed to getting myself off of that stuff. So I'm down to 2 teaspoons in my coffee (plus milk!) and that's HUGE for me because I used to take 1.5 tablespoons!! Progress! 

The workouts? I've been absolutely loving them. All the workouts are only 30 minutes per day, and there is a different one every day to keep your body guessing and to maximize weight loss and toning. I love it. I haven't felt bored (which is where I was going with P90 - and I'm still going to finish it after the fix!). Every workout WORKS me. I can follow the leader perfectly and modify when necessary. They're tough but doable and I just know I'm going to see great results with them! And I SO love working with weights!!!

Some days are harder than others ;)

So that has been my fix so far! I'm a happy camper. The first couple of days were a bit hard - learning to plan out all the meals a day ahead to ensure I get all my containers in was an adjustment, but I'm good now. I can't wait to see my results come day 22! 

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