Monday, May 27, 2013

Race Weekend 5K

So this past weekend was the big day .. Race Day!
The starting line. Look at all those runners!!
Not gonna lie - going into the 5K race, I was a little gloomy. Having to stop my training for this race mid-way because of the allergic reactions attacking my lungs put a damper on the day. I knew I wasn't going to be setting a PR, I knew I probably wasn't going to be able to run even half the distance without slowing to a walk, I knew that I felt like my body totally let me down.

But I didn't let anything stop me. I wanted to push myself as much as I could go and do my best, and use the race results to gauge where I was at with my training. 

And yeah .. I wanted that medal!!

Daddy Lego is the best race partner I could ever ask for. I am so happy and proud that we run together. Makes every event that much more special, knowing that we're in it together!

We started off in the red corral (translation: the verrrrrrry last one!). At first I was down about it (especially when they announced us as the walking group!) but I turned out to absolutely love being there. Everyone around us was so happy and upbeat! They were there for fun!
Waaaaaaaaay at the back! 
The race began and we were in the second wave, so it took some time to hit the starting line. Once we crossed it, off we went .. And this is where being in the "walking group" benefited me: everyone in front of us was either walking or jogging at a slow pace, which helped keep me from rushing off in the excitement of the moment. They helped me keep a steady pace that I was able to maintain and I found myself being able to run for that much longer because of them!

I was so inspired by the people in my corral. I saw all sorts of body shapes and sizes, many incredible seniors, young children, and people walking for causes. Seeing a grandfather running hand-in-hand with his seven-year-old granddaughter? So motivating. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and my lung struggles, put a smile on my face and put my best foot forward.

I ran as much as I could and when I needed to slow it down, I speed-walked but I did not ever stop. When Daddy Lego felt me struggling, he held my hand and encouraged me to kick my butt into high gear!

When we passed the halfway point, I started to struggle a bit - then a little girl who was watching the race high-fived me with SO much excitement that it reminded me of my babies at home who were cheering for us, and that got me going again. Run!

We made a dash for the finish line and crossed the line at one hour and two minutes clock time .. I was disappointed to have at not come in (at least!) under an hour but was still happy that we did it and that I pushed myself as hard as I could! I knew that I did my best!
Note to self: three layers of clothing do not flatter the figure.
We collected our awesome medals and walked our way back to the mall to rest our feet for a few minutes. I google'd our race results and we were thrilled with what we saw ..

48:51 CHIP TIME!!!

That's only three minutes and one second longer than our first official race, The Army Run! (And I remember that even though I ran 90% of the Army Run, it was a slooooooooow run .. Even slower than I had run / speed-walked for this race!). I was elated, and still am. 

My results helped me ease up on myself. Injuries and illnesses will happen, that's an unavoidable part of life ... But what is important is to not let them stop you. They may deter you a bit, but push past them! 
Happy and tired on the bus ride home
Knowing how well I did this race gives me so much more confidence for the Army Run this coming September (where I WILL set a PR!!!!). I know I can do this!!!

There were some flaws in the organization of the race (no mile-markers along the way to track your distance, the water station was right at the end instead of part-way through) ... but all in all, it was a great race and I'll definitely participate next year. I'm anxious to see the pictures of the race when they get posted :)

Boy Lego wearing my medal :)
I got to share my medals with the Lego Kids when we got home .. And they surprised me with birthday cake. Such a great day :)

The icing melted, but reads: Happy Birthday! lol

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  1. Congrats on the race Laura!!! This race always makes me feel like I'm athlete!