Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week Two - Oct. Fitness Challenge

Week two is in the bag! Had a great week of fitness, the only thing I wish was that I got more running in (although I did have one blissful run)!
Wore this on my run to keep pushing harder! :)
Now that I'm halfway through my October challenge .. Any suggestions for November?!

One thing I really had to fix this week: my attitude. I'd get so mad at myself for not hitting my daily plank target - then I realized, why?! I'm not going to beat myself up about it. No pressure. I'll push myself as hard as I can and I know that my dream 90-second plank will come. My hard work and determination will pay off!! No more putting myself down, no more pressure :) And what do you know .. As soon as I lost the negative mindset, I met my goal for the week: one minute!!
Who says you can't work out at work!?
Day One, Week Two. Not bad.
Day Two, Week Two! This is where I started to get mad at myself for not hitting 50 ..
More negativity. 
Once I stopped putting myself down and lost the negativity, my 50 seconds happened!
Cant even tell you how PROUD I am to finally be in the one-minute plank club!! :)
Day Seven, Week Two. Awesome progress!!
I really made sure to incorporate some form of activity into every single day. If I was cleaning the house, I was dancing. As always, I walked to work instead of taking the bus (40 minutes walking!). There were even a couple of days I got to work early and went out to keep walking! I bought a 5lbs weight to lift while at my desk at work, and I got my plank on every day. I was even able to get a yoga session in every two days! I feel so much stronger!
Just me and my mat. 
How are your October fitness goals coming along? Excited to hear about it! There are two weeks left .. Make 'em count!


  1. Glad to hear you are doing so great!!! and recognizing when you are being too hard on yourself! I think I might try planks for my November challenge :) My no fast food challenge is going well. The abs challenge not so well :(

    1. Yeah .. We've totally fallen off the "no fast food" wagon (though we always ate healthy!) but are doing well otherwise :)

    2. And you will totally rock the ab challenge!! :)

  2. You are absolutely CRUSHING your planks!!! Way to go girl!!!
    If you are blogging today, you should include a brief summary of your week in workouts and link up today on my blog! Here is the link:

    Cheers! Tara :)

    1. I'm taking the weekend off for blogging but I will definitely participate next week! :)