Monday, October 22, 2012

Cupcake Classic 5K

My first virtual race is in the bag! What a fun experience it was - no starting pistol, no crowds, no onlookers, no finish line, no medal. Just me, my pedometer, my timer, my asthma inhaler and my favorite running partner: Daddy Lego.

We made the night special. We got a babysitter and planned to make it a date night. A running date. Definitely a first for us, and definitely not going to be the last!

Daddy Lego and I met down town (he had worked earlier in the day) and made a big mistake: we went for dinner before our run. We went to our favorite restaurant and I was so proud of myself for choosing healthy options: a turkey burger with avocado and a side salad (instead of the normal "cheat night" meal I would have had while treating myself to the rare restaurant meal!). In any case, though I ate well, I ate too much.

To burn off some of that "too full" feeling, we walked around the market and explored the mall (we so rarely get to go down town anymore!) for about an hour, then made our way to the canal for our run (but not before going to Lululemon for the first time ever and coming out with a new non-slip running headband!).

What a gorgeous night. The ducks were sleeping in the canal waters, the wind was perfectly breezy, and it was cool and dark but just perfect for a run.

We began our run and I was SO proud of how much faster our pace was (when compared to the sloooooow jog we had at the Army Run!). We were actually running!

So we get about eight minutes in and oh, crap .. I have a horrible cramp. Shouldn't have eaten so much before running!

We had to slow our pace to a jog and then a fast walk. And we had a total blast. We splashed through puddles, joked, laughed, reflected on our lives (totally in love with that man!).

Daddy Lego: "Come on Lulu, move your Lemon!" lmao
When we got halfway through the 5K, we turned around and began jogging again, and made a running boot to the finish. I couldn't believe we had run 5Ks in 37 minutes! Totally beat our old PR of 45 minutes!

So we headed to the bus stop and home we went .. To eat our cupcake reward (as was customary for the Cupcake Classic 5K - hence the name!). Daddy Lego had an Oreo cupcake (it was amazing!!!!) and I had a maple cinnamon cupcake (sounds better than it tasted).

The cupcakes were a little bit destroyed on our run / way home .. But were still cupcakes :)
We had a totally relaxed approach to our run and had so much fun. That's what running is all about, though, isn't it? Having fun!

The eating cupcakes part didn't hurt, either :)

Thanks so much to Jess at Run With Jess for working so hard to organize the run, and for inspiring us all to get up off our butts and race for US! We'll see you next year!


  1. Awesome Possum Mrs Leggo :-) I love the fact that you were able to take something that I loath like running and turn it into a fun date night. I may have to try that in the future. Thanks again for your insightful blog.

  2. Fun! How did you find the lulu headband? actually non-slip?
    - Robyn

    1. It actually was, yes! But this could be because my head is so big and the band is "small" so it gripped on tight lol

  3. wow that is an amazing time!!! You should be proud of yourself :) I am sure it will not be the last time you go to lululemon lol I love that store :) Let me know when there is another vitual race I would love to join.. and maybe I will see you at Rattle me bones. Good Luck

    1. i would love to go to the rattle me bones run but it looks like it may not happen :( I'll definitely pass along any more virtual races! they're so much fun!