Monday, October 8, 2012

October Fitness Challenge - Week One

Week One is done! Here's how I did. I hope you all like pictures! :)

Oct 1 - got my normal 40-minute walk in to work. Also started my daily planks. I was disappointed with my result but I had to remember that I took some time off my planks and needed to rebuild my strength!

Oct 2 - Day off from work!! Daddy Lego and I took the kids for a walk / run this morning. The weather was cool and sunny, just gorgeous! We had a blast running together. Brother Lego pretended he was Superman and ran with his arms out, trying to catch the bad guy (Daddy!).
Our little cheerleader :)
My big runner. So proud.
The family that runs together, ahh .. 
Went for a 2 mile run tonight as week 5, day 1 of my C25K program! So cool that the five-minute runs are getting easier! It was cold outside and I returned drenched with sweat - I definitely did this run right ;)
Sweaty and representin'
Getting better!

My plank is a little longer than yesterday's, yay progress!

Oct 3 - Went for a walk to grab a few groceries in the morning, then had my usual speed-walk to work. Got my plank in while waiting (alone) at the bus stop to get home after a long, mentally-draining night at work!
Nobody stopped driving to wonder what I was doing LOL .. 

Oct 4 - Planked, and wasn't happy with my first result and went again! Much better :)
Much better!!
Finished day two of week 5 of my Couch to 5K training program! 3.2KM down and I'm feeling stronger and more confident with every run. This one consisted of a five minute warm-up walk (which I used to walk / stretch), an eight minute run, a five minute walk and a second eight minute run, followed by the cool down five minutes of walking. Not ashamed to admit, I struggled through the second eight-minute run. I was about four minutes in when I had to keep repeating my mantra "Sweat pink. Good boy mommy!". I powered through and am so happy I did it!! My next run is a straight 20 minutes, which I haven't done since the Army Run. I'm a little nervous but hey, I did it before and I know I can kick it's ass again!!
Hot and sweaty and loving it!
Oct 5 - Walked to work at a casual pace as I was feeling a bit tired. Still, that's a 45-minute walk! Got to work really early and decided to pick myself up and go for a run, thinking it would help me feel more awake and alert. I felt so strong through the run and could have kept going for a second lap of my usual path but had to stop to cool down before working .. And the dizziness kicked in. The full on body shakes came along. My head was spinning and throbbing. I was seeing spots in front of my eyes. Nausea hit me in waves. I got back to my desk (after trying to focus through a water cooler convo with a manager) and nearly passed out in the chair. Thinking I was just low in sugar, I ate my apple and had a Fiber One PB Chocolate brownie that I had stashed in my desk for weeks. Nothing was helping. My shift began, and I couldn't focus on my calls and was just feeling worse .. An hour in, I had to throw in the towel. When I logged out, I had to run to the washroom to meet my dinner and brownie again, and cautiously made my way home. Grateful to my MIL for her concern upon my arrival. I think that there were a combination of things that contributed to what happened tonight .. But in any case, I now know what not to do next time.
Because of how sick I felt, I wasn't able to get my plank in at work as I had planned .. But I will get a good one in tomorrow to make up for it!
The run I shouldn't have run.

Oct 6 - rest day. My body still needed it. I did, however, get my best plank time yet!! Woot!
SO proud of this one!!!

Oct 7 - got in a half hour of yoga before heading to my Mom's for Thanksgiving festivities, and broke my PR plank! :)

I'm thinking my October challenge is off to a strong start so far! How was your week in workouts? I want to hear about it :)

Have an awesome week, everyone!!


  1. Hello!
    Great post and i definitely love all of the pics! Congrats on crushing your plankaday!! Woot Woot!
    Cheers, Tara

    1. Thanks Tara!! I don't think I'd be getting this far without your plank support :)