Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Motivate My Fitness

So it turns out that I'm human and I have my moments. Here's what I mean. I'll have my next day all planned out: early morning wake up, breakfast on the table, head out for a run with the kids, come back home, do the lunch thing, get the kids down for nap time, and then I could squeeze in a quick session of yoga before heading in for a nap myself (yay late night shifts at work .. NOT.)

And then the alarm goes off and that early wake up just isn't happening because omigosh it's so early and my bed is so comfy and it's still dark outside and the kids are still asleep so I could get in an extra few minutes ..

Then when we do get up, I'm disappointed in myself for not rising earlier as planned to follow through on my exercise goals for the day. And then the lazies come along and I take a few minutes longer to have my morning coffee ..

You can see where this is going.

But do you know what ALWAYS gets me motivated to get back to my regularly scheduled exercise program, even though it's not done at the time I originally planned it? What always gets my butt in action even after settling down with a second cup of coffee and giving in to the lazies? What always gets me into my workout clothes and (enthusiastically) out the door, and with a great big smile on my face?

My #SweatPink and #GirlsGoneSporty sisters.

I read their blogs. I "like" their Facebook pages. I follow them on twitter. I subscribe to their emails. With their daily updates, I am constantly getting reminded of how important exercise is, for my body and for ME - and better yet, I'm always reminded of how much FUN it is, and how fantastic I feel after my workout!
Seriously. Read the #sweatpink and #girlsgonesporty hashtags. Incredible people!

I honestly just need to read a few tweets and see what I'd be missing out on if I didn't get active that day. I'd want to join in on the fun and get going.

The #SweatPink and #GirlsGoneSporty ladies are aMaZiNg at keeping me motivated to exercise and at keeping me accountable. Their share in my success and encourage me not to give up when I'm not having so much success. They help keep track of my goals with me and keep me held accountable to my workout routines (like the #plankaday police!!)

See how AWESOME they are?! Love!!
My fitness family kicks ass. And they kick my ass too, and sometimes, that's just what I need!

Thank you girls, for all your motivation! :)

What do you guys use for your daily dose of motivation?


  1. Yes this is a fantastic group of gals..so happy to be a part of it...great post :)

  2. awww yay! Love both of those groups! That is what they are all about too motivating and a support system!

  3. That is so lovely to hear I will check out there website. Glad you are doing so well!