Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Indoor Fun For Kids = Mama's Workout Zone!

A while back, my kids won gift cards for Cosmic Adventures, and Monday was the day we chose for our adventure to get cosmic! It is the best place for kids to burn off bucket loads of energy and have a great time doing it!
Off we GO!

It is also an amazing place for parents to get their sweat on. We chase after our excited kids, climb with them through the miles and miles of tubing, swim through big ball pits and struggle through obstacle courses. We dance to loud music under disco balls, sprint up many sets of stairs, and scream down the slides.
Let the workout begin!
It really is a great workout for parents and kids alike! Plus - when kids see their parents being active, it inspires them to keep active too! We are their fitness role models!

There was one BIG downfall about Cosmic Adventures. It was a very noticeable one to a mother who has changed her eating lifestyle for the better and is encouraging her kids to have healthy habits as well.

Their menu.

Pizza. Soda. Nachos. Burgers. Sugary juices. Pogos. Hot dogs. Fries. Deep-fried chicken fingers.
And because they want to get every dollar out of your pocket keep their facility peanut-free, they refuse to allow you to bring your own foods into the center. So the nicely prepared strawberries, oatmeal-flax banana-blueberry muffins, applesauce and WATER that we packed were not allowed to be touched while we were there. If we really wanted our kids to eat or drink there, we were stuck with the deep-fried, refined-sugar laden foods that the Galaxy Grill sold.

Yuck. I'm thinking of contacting them to see if this can be changed ..

Fun in the ball pit!
That aside, we all had a great time. Lots of laughter, lots of playing and TONS of fun!! We just left a little earlier to avoid having to eat their food!

Boy Lego was definitely in his happy place :)
I highly recommend taking your kids there. It's a safe environment where kids can have a great time (okay, and parents, too!). There is a lot to do and hey, getting your kids active is all part of encouraging a healthy lifestyle! ... Just avoid going during meal times ;)

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  1. Just don't tell them you have food ;) That's what I do :P