Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The week of June 9th - Managing Your Slip-Ups!

I'll be honest here - Daughter Lego hasn't been sleeping great at night time and on top of that, I had a long day of running around like a headless chicken, so I had a bit of a hard time keeping focused on the meeting (though I really tried and really enjoyed!). I normally participate in the meetings but this week, I sat back and enjoyed listening to others.

I can't say enough about our leader, Leslie. She's great. Not only is she funny and entertaining, but she is also able to kick our butts when we're needing it and she's very honest. She is perfectly okay with admitting that even as a lifetime member with WW, and even as a leader, she has slip-ups on plan. She openly admitted to have frozen yogurt and twizzlers for dinner more than once over the past week. She also confessed to having fries at the chip truck and for buying a new type of ice cream and having to throw it out because she couldn't control herself around it. I love her honesty, and I can definitely relate to her story as there are many times I slip up, too. And it's nice to know that I'm not alone. If a leader and lifetime member can slip up and get back on track, then I know I can too!

Throughout the meeting we discussed various ways to recover from a slip-up.

1. Went to McDonalds to get your kids a happy meal, and wound up super-sizing a double quarter pounder meal for yourself? Learn from the experience. Ask yourself if it was worth it. If it was, then great, you had a nice treat. If it wasn't - why? Do you regret it? Did it make you feel gross? Take that feedback and run with it. Keep it in mind the next time you're wanting / craving that meal. It will help you make your decision!

2. Don't put yourself down. You wouldn't call your best friend a fatso and a pig for eating that poutine, so don't call yourself that! You had the poutine. Don't let that stop your progress. Brush it off and move forward!
Don't beat yourself up!
3. Don't wait until the next day or the next week or the next month to get back on track. Do it right away. The next meal. You had a bad lunch? Don't throw the whole day away! Start again at dinner, have a better meal. Sometimes it is harder to get back on track the day after you have a day-long slip-up .. Get back to it the same day! Don't let one boo boo muck up your success and hard work!

4. Do something right away to help yourself feel back in control. Binged on a container of ice cream? Throw the rest away. Go for a walk or a run. Track it in your points tracker. That way, you are still in control of your weight loss and your healthier lifestyle - and your food isn't in control of YOU!

Remember, we work SO hard to lose our weight and to be healthy. Don't let one slip-up ruin that hard work! Catch yourself before you get too far in and get back on track!

There was a lady tonight who finished her six-week goal weight maintenance ad got her lifetime membership after losing 109 pounds!! Talk about inspiration! She is just amazing!

And I hit the 40-pounds GONE mark!! Wooooohooooo!!

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Great post!! Slip Ups are the worst... But it is a great feeling when you are back on track. Congrats on your weightloss