Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The week of July 16 - Activate Your Activity!

This week at WW, I was sad to see Leslie wasn't in (insert bottom lip pout here) and though the replacement leader was very nice, I found I just didn't get the motivation I needed .. So I'll definitely be heading to another WW meeting sometime during the week!

Tonight's topic was about getting active - not the part where you're actually exercising, but instead focusing on getting yourself to the point of exercising.

How many of you keep your running shoes tucked away in a closet somewhere? How many of us have our exercise bike locked up in storage? Or have a treadmill folded up under the couch? Or make any excuse to NOT exercise?

I'll admit - I can pretty much be the queen of making up reasons why I can't exercise. I'm just too busy, there's no time, I'm too tired, who'll watch the kids .. I've used them all.

But then I have to remind myself - when I make an excuse to not exercise, I'm really the one who is losing out. My body and my health will be losing the benefits of that workout. My body and health are WAY more important than burrowing myself into a comfy hole in the comfy couch in front of the comfy tv. And besides - how much more AWESOME does it feel to get to burrow myself into the couch after a thorough workout and a long, refreshing shower?!

Here are some tips that were discussed during tonight's meeting on how to motivate yourself to exercise:

1. Keep your exercise gear in plain sight. The phrase "out of sight, out of mind" is true and will be true for your workout gear. You won't think to go for a walk if your shoes aren't right at the door. Sometimes you need to be reminded to get active, and having your running shoes in plain sight will give you that nudge to get moving!

2. Prepare your supplies in advance. If you plan to go to the gym tomorrow, pack your gym bag the night before with all your gym necessities. That way, when the time to gym it up arrives, you're ready and organized and have no excuses not to go!

3. As convenient as it can be to have at-home exercise equipment that folds away under the couch or into the hallway closet - try not to do so! When it comes down to your time to get riding that bike, and it isn't ready to go - will you be? Or would you say you don't feel like clearing the room to make room for it and setting it up and oh, there just isn't time .. Don't give yourself the opportunity to come up with excuses. If the bike is set up already, you'll be able to get biking. there would be no reason not to!

4. Make sure you choose an exercise you love doing. If you find yourself looking forward to your next session, great!! That'll serve as extra motivation to do it. If you find yourself dreading your evening jog, then maybe that isn't the right exercise for you; it'll be SO easy to give into the temptation to stay home with a good movie. Find something you enjoy and stick with it!

5. Make your exercise fun! If you're running on your treadmill at home, do it in front of the tv with a favorite show. Go for evening walks with a good friend or family member. Put on some upbeat music and dance it up while you're dusting the furniture! The more fun your activity is, the more likely you are to stick with it.

Love this!! 
Hopefully when I go to another meeting this week, I'll hear some more great tips to share. Does anyone have any they'd like to pass on? :)

One WW member (whom I've gotten to know over the past few weeks!) got her 25 lbs reward today! What a HUGE achievement! I know how hard she worked for her success and I'm so happy for her!

I was down 1.5 lbs, rounding up my weight loss to a happy 44 lbs total. I'm all smiles!

Have a fantastic week, everyone!


  1. Congrats on the weightloss! As for exercise I always keep my running shoes in the car and extra workout clothes that way I have no excuse. I also like to try different challenges ex. training for 5km or trying to do 100 miles in a month etc. I find it really helps to motivate me :)

    1. Those are great goals! I'm training for a 5K now, too .. I'll admit that running isn't my most favorite exercise in the world but with the right music it can be awesome. So freeing! And the feeling I get after makes it SO worth it.

  2. Hi!!

    I'm stopping in to check out your blog because you commented on mine the other day (sorry, it's taken a few days) and your blog is great!! I'm also doing WW and while I haven't been super successful yet, I'm not giving up. Congrats on your weight loss and I look forward to following your future successes!!


    1. Thank you!! I've been following your blog as well, I really enjoy it! :) We can be each other's WW support buddies :)