Thursday, July 19, 2012

Potty Training = Inspiration to lose weight?!

It seems I really can find motivation from just about anywhere - and this is a good thing since the WW meeting I'd planned to drop in on today was closed this week due to summer day camps!

My son, Boy Lego, has just turned three. He was a "late" bloomer when it came to potty training (and I say "late" because we started him when he was ready, instead of starting him when all the parenting books told us we should!). In any case, he's been day-trained for a couple of months now and only needed diapers during nap time and overnight. Well, yesterday Daddy Lego and I saw the signs that he was ready to go without his diaper during nap time, so we tried it and he came out dry. Yay! We tried the same thing overnight (woke him up before we went to bed to make him potty), then left his door partly open and the light on in the bathroom to make it easy for him to go overnight. Lo and behold, he woke up at around six, used the potty (he called for help getting his undies back on, because since he was groggy and still half asleep, he got them tangled around his legs!) and went back to bed!

Daddy Lego and I were just beaming with pride.

And it got me thinking. It has been Boy Lego's habit (by nature) to go to the bathroom in his diaper since birth. And now, at three years old, he was able to train himself to listen to his body's cues and use the toilet when he needs to.

And then there's me. I've developed eating habits over my lifetime that were not by nature, but have become second nature to me. If I was sad, I'd eat. If I was bored, I'd eat. If I was celebrating something, I'd eat! Even if I wasn't hungry, I would eat.

If my tiny little three-year-old Boy Lego could break a habit he has had since birth, then I could certainly break my destructive eating habits too, right?!

Absolutely. In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin (we're a big wrestling family!): Oh Hell Yeah!!

I found inspiration to keep strong and develop healthy habits witth potty training. Did you find yours today? Share your story! :)

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